Local SEO in Delray Beach | What is Local SEO?

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If you are a small business owner, chances are you have heard or seen someone somewhere talking about local SEO. This blog post should give you an idea of what local SEO is and how you can improve your local SEO in Delray Beach.

Who can help me with local SEO in Delray Beach?

Things to Remember About Local SEO:

Local SEO is Like Regular SEO, Just Local

Try something out in your web browser. Type “Pepsi” into the search bar and chances are (if you have location turned on) you will get the results to the closest bottling plant or retail store that sells the product. That is local SEO. Search engines automatically either give you local options based on your location or because of keywords. Typing in “Pepsi New York” when outside of New York state will give you local options within those keywords.

Link to Quality Content

Just a few years ago, the key to link building was having tons of outbound links and linking to certain keywords. That is no longer the case. Quality links from reputable sites are the new way to build through links now. Knowing how many outbound links to include in a post is crucial to ensuring that your post does not fall in the Google rankings.

Use Keywords That Will Boost Your Local Score

Say you own a small restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. If you want to boost your local SEO score, choosing the proper keywords is crucial. Trying to boost with word “chicken” or “fried chicken” will do little and less given how common those words are. Trying to boost a phrase like “local fried chicken” or “fried chicken Stuart Florida” would be much smarter and see more of a payoff. Choosing words that helps search engines place you in a location will only help your business.

Who can help me with local SEO in Delray Beach?

Looking for Help with Local SEO in Delray Beach?

Understanding how to grow your local SEO in Delray Beach is important to set you apart from the competition. If you need some extra help, contact us today. Digital Resource is your destination for all things to do with digital marketing.

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