Local SEO in Los Angeles | 3 Local SEO Myths

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In a competitive market, it is essential that consumers find your business. Most consumers now use the internet to look for local service providers, and local SEO can make sure your business is found. You may have questions about local SEO in Los Angeles. But first, check out these myths about local SEO to know the fact from fiction in order to grow your business.

Myth #1: If You Don’t Claim Your Page, Your Business Won’t Rank

If you have received a phone call threatening that your business will “vanish on Google” unless it is claimed, fear not! These robo-callers are not the authority of the industry. Yes, verifying your listing does make an impact on ranking in Google’s local SEO 3-pack. However, in competitive markets, unverified pages can often outrank verified pages.

Where can I find the best local SEO in Los Angeles?

Myth #2: Setting a Large Service Area Will Rank You in More Places

Service-area business can set a radius on google to demonstrate how far they are willing to travel from their business’ address. Some businesses set this radius large in hopes that it will help them rank in more towns. This simply does not work. In fact, your business will still likely only rank in the town your business address.

Where can I find the best Local SEO in Los Angeles?

Myth #3: $99 Can Get You on Page 1

Emails and phone calls boasting “1st Page Google Ranking for just $99” can seem enticing. However, there is no quick solution to ranking on the first page of Google. This can also cause your business incur a Google algorithm penalty.

Improve Local SEO in Los Angeles

Now that you know the facts from the fiction, it’s time to improve your business’ local SEO in Los Angeles. Contact the experts at Digital Resource to assist you in your business’ local SEO. Our hardworking team is dedicated to assisting your business grow.

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