Local SEO in Manalapan | Common Misconceptions About Local SEO

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While we have discussed how SEO is crucial to the success of a business online, local SEO is just as important. With local SEO, you can target customers right in your backyard. That way, when they go onto Google maps to look for a business, you will show up. There is a lot of information out there about local SEO that is wrong. However, it is being passed off as fact. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common ones and debunk some misconceptions about local SEO in Manalapan.

It’s the Same as Regular SEO, Just with Local Terms

While this isn’t 100% false, it’s also not completely true. Local SEO actually functions with a separate algorithm from Google’s national SEO foundation. Therefore, it uses a separate series of ranking criteria and formulates different sets of results based on the circumstances. If you are trying to get put in that coveted top 3 position on a local Google search, you won’t be able to achieve that by just doing the standard SEO practices and adding a couple extra localized keywords.

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It’s Only for Small “Mom and Pop” Shops

Many people think that if they don’t have a physical location that they can’t benefit from local SEO. However, local SEO can be used by any business. This even includes businesses that don’t have a physical location. So, if you have a product or service that people in a town can benefit from, even if you don’t have a location in that town, you can still run a local SEO campaign there.

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Are You Interested in Local SEO in Manalapan?

Given all the incorrect information out there, it can be tough to find someone you can trust. At Digital Resource, we are an industry leader and we can prove it. Contact us today to learn how we have worked with companies similar to yours to improve their online marketing efforts, including local SEO.

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