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Local SEO is incredibly important for small local businesses looking to stand out from their competition. Here are two ways you can improve your results.

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Directory Listings


When you are increasing your visibility online, it is much easier to put yourself in front of your current customers than it is to try to attract new customers to you. Business directories do an outstanding job of putting your business right in front of your potential customers. Business listings on directories usually provide a small blurb about your business, reviews of your business, and contact information. There are hundreds of directories out there, and you want to do your best to be in as many as you can. This will increase the likelihood that a potential customer will find your business over your competitor. Make sure that you run a directory report before creating any new profiles, so you can get an idea of where your business is already present, as you don’t want any duplicate listings. Duplicate listings will hurt your ranking rather than help.


Consistent Contact Info


Consistency is key when it comes to local SEO. You want to keep your contact information consistent across all of the directories where you are listed. This not only boosts your SEO but also helps keep your branding correct. Your contact info should always include your name, address, and phone number, or NAP. We recommend that you use a master directory listing, so you can easily update the directories, or keep a spreadsheet or document with all of your directory listings so that if you change the contact information on one you can go through your list, changing it for all. Your logo should also be consistent throughout. Avoid using an old logo for one business listing and a new logo for the same business on another directory. That is confusing for your customers and undermines your efforts to build your brand.

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Local SEO in Manalapan


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