Local SEO in Orlando | What Can Hurt My Local SEO?

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Approximately 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Moreover, 20% of searches done on Google are for local information. This means that what you put into your local SEO in Orlando can make a big difference for your company. While you may do a lot to get your business seen, do you know what hurts your local SEO? Read on for some SEO practices to avoid.

How can I get better local SEO in Orlando?

3 Things to Avoid for the Best Local SEO

Blog Spam – Many discount SEO firms will attempt to gain links through blog comments. These comments do not help the readers of your blog and can actually be removed from your site. Even if the link that was commented stays, the link gained is usually from a poor quality or irrelevant website. Therefore, it can actually hurt your website long term.

Blackhat SEO – These SEO practices attempt to exploit weaknesses in search engine algorithms in order to increase rankings for a website. However, these techniques are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines. Blackhat techniques put your site at risk. Using them may get your website penalized. Consequently, your website can lose links, web traffic, and page rankings.

Low Quality or Spun Content – Spinning involves software that will take existing content and rewrite. This is so that you can post it on your website as unique content. Typically, spun content is low priced with low-quality content writing. The best way to avoid this type of content is to make sure the content writers you employ are high quality and only provide original content.

Where can I get ethical local SEO in Orlando?

Are You Looking for Better Local SEO in Orlando?

Digital Resource is an online marketing agency with a dedicated team that uses only the most effective and ethical SEO techniques. If you are looking for better local SEO in Orlando, contact us today. We gladly offer a free SEO analysis of your business to start the process of getting you higher on search results!

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