Look Out for These 5 PPC Developments in 2020

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  • 70% of marketers say SEO is more effective at driving sales than PPC.
  • 86% of experts use PPC data to help with their SEO campaigns.
  • 21% of marketers write for search engines.


With the New Year coming it is important to keep an eye on some of the developing changes in digital marketing and maintain your edge. PPC trends are changing to meet new standards set by automation and optimization within the industry. Here are five big changes to look out for and why they matter when making a plan for 2020.


Integrating PPC and SEO

Informed data for better results.

One of the best things you can do to optimize your PPC campaigns is to integrate SEO and use the data received from your PPC trends to inform your strategy. This means taking the stats from a campaign like click rates and relative success compared to older campaigns and using it for formulating new campaigns with better-informed keywords. This in combination with automation is an effective marketing tool.


Taking this information from PPC ads can also provide insight into what keywords are performing well and which are lagging behind, indicating which keywords you should be spending money on and where you can save. Once these adjustments have been made, you can then use more effective targeting efforts to drive organic interaction and boosts in rankings.


PPC data is great for helping to choose effective keywords and should play a big role in your overall SEO strategy for the coming year. The integration of PPC trends and SEO will only grow larger from here as PPC becomes more reliant on optimized content. As keywords become more important and the process for bidding on them is automated, using them to get organic results will become even more important.

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Image Search

Another way to optimize.

In addition to standard text-based search and the emergence of voice-based search, reverse searching images has become an important and increasingly popular feature of many social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and now Snapchat. This feature enables users to upload images for search, and should be optimized. Be sure to fill in any relevant textual information when posting images, like metadata.


Taking advantage of this development and getting ahead in the game for the future will be important for developing your social media outreach strategy for the coming year. Be sure to have images with captions and metadata that contain your desired keywords and you can improve their rankings and discoverability is image-based searches.


Both Google and Bing have developed visual search systems and taking advantage of this trend now while it is in its growing stages could provide a potential edge in terms of competition and keeping up rankings over time. Just to be safe, you should have your keywords optimized for voice search, and your images optimized for visual search using appropriate keywords. You should be taking any chance you can find to optimize your content for any kind of search.



Easier bidding and account management.

With the rise in automation of systems so does the potential opportunity for digital advertisers. Automation has helped digital marketing in the past in terms of scheduling posts and automating certain interactions with potential customers, but now automation has the potential to automatically apply changes to your marketing strategy based on relevant information.


With new systems in place digital marketers now have the ability to use scanning systems and detection services to figure out what keywords are performing better than others, and automatically make those changes that are reflected in the marketing campaign, all without interaction. This means that entire campaigns can now be set up with almost no new effort on the part of the marketer, as optimizing choices are made by themselves.

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Voice Search

Get the most out of your SEO.

Along with image reverse search and standard text searches, voice search has been and will continue to be one of the more popular methods of searching across social media and the web in general. Statistics show that more and more people are relying on the voice search functions using their phones simply because the technology is available and convenient.


A large percentage of phone-based searches are being made using voice search functions, as a large share of total searches originating from a mobile platform. Because people may be more or less likely to use certain words when searching with a voice function as opposed to a text search, keywords should be optimized accordingly. Voice search has been around for several years, however, the rate of users searching by voice has increased every year.


Division of Audience

Funnel users by interest.

Based on how users have interacted with your pages and ads in the past, you can then lump them into categories and show new ads based on those interactions. This is a great way to boost organic interaction and promote repeated visits and interactions. Segmenting your audience into interest groups increases and improves your ability to target users that have already interacted with your ads and keep them coming back. Targeting is one of the most important tools for any advertiser and will save time and money if implemented properly and in keeping with the latest developments.


Drawing in repeated actions can be difficult, but it is an important aspect of building up a following and getting a one-time customer to turn into repeat customers. Users who have already interacted positively with your ads or your pages will be much more likely to interact again, and so using more targeted ads on these users can result in much higher ROI for your PPC ads. This further increases the effectiveness and importance of targeting your ads based on interest using PPC trends to inform your choices.

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