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With email marketing, if people aren’t opening your emails you are just wasting your time putting them together. You probably get numerous emails throughout the day. How do you decide which ones you open and which ones you send straight to the trash? Let’s take a look at some ways that you can get more people opening your emails today from a Los Angeles Email Marketing Company.

Keep the Subject Line Short

You want to make sure your subject title is short, sweet, and to the point, so people know what they are in store for when they click it. The ideal length of a subject title is six to 10 words. Any less and you risk not getting your idea across. Any more and it will cut off when people look at it.

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Be Careful with How Often You Are Sending Emails

It is recommended that you send out no more than two emails per week. Also, keep in mind when it will be most likely that you will get your emails opened. If you are trying to appeal to people that typically don’t look at their emails until the evening, sending it at 10 am won’t do you any good.

Be Personable

People like seeing their names. It makes them feel important and makes them feel like they have a more personal connection with you and your business. That’s not just a theory either. Retention Science found a 3 percent increase in open rates for emails using someone’s first name versus those that did not. Use the customer’s name for better odds that the email will get opened.

how can a Los Angeles email marketing company help my business?

Are You Looking for a Los Angeles Email Marketing Company?

Knowing when and how often to send an email, as well as what to put in it can be the difference between someone opening your email and it ending up in the trash. Contact us today to learn about the email marketing campaigns that we offer.

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