Los Angeles Facebook Ads | What Mistakes Am I Making?

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When it comes to Los Angeles Facebook ads, there is a lot to think about. But, once you get each puzzle piece in its place, making a great impression and generating more leads gets easier. Here are six simple mistakes you can avoid when creating your future Facebook ads:

You’re Using the Wrong Format

If you have a single picture and a bunch of text, a canvas ad is not for you. If you do not have multiple photos or links, a carousel ad is not for you. You should familiarize yourself with what Facebook offers when it comes to ad style and think strategically about what content you have to offer. You can even create content that caters to a particular type of ad.

Your Audience Isn’t Defined

do i need to know my audience for los angeles facebook ads

Just because you choose a wider audience doesn’t mean you are going to generate more leads. You need to know who your target audience is to a tee. You need their gender, age, location, and interest to have a full understanding of who to target and how to target.

Your Content Isn’t High-Quality

When it comes to pictures, people are picky. No matter the type of content you are putting out, it should be the highest quality you can manage. This shows that you are a legitimate business. Take note that creating quality content can take time. So, be patient, consult your team for ideas, and make a plan of action when creating Los Angeles Facebook ads.

You Aren’t Testing

If you are not testing your Facebook advertisements before they run at your expense, you are doing your business a huge disservice. A simple A/B testing email sent company-wide can give you insight that you and your designer may have glanced over. If you want to take the extra step, build a group of your target audience for a focus group. You can then have them come in and view your content on a regular basis to give feedback. This can do wonders for your marketing strategy.

You’re Oversaturating Your Audience

You need to be careful about how often and for how long you are running Facebook ads. Your customers consume so much media and so many advertisements in a day, yours should feel be sparing enough to feel exciting. So, think through how long your ads will be running and who will see them, so that you can impact people positively.

You Aren’t Using Your Metrics

how can i get the most out of my los angeles facebook ads

Facebook is great at providing a plethora of metrics. You not only need to look at the reach or impression your ads make. In order to know your return on investment, you need to be analyzing your cost-per-click. This is how much you paid for every time someone clicks on your advertisement. Your click-through rate is also important. This is the percentage of people who clicked on your ad after viewing it. However, there are many more metrics that can help you decide how much you should be investing in Los Angeles Facebook ads.

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