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Sending out link requests can be extremely time-consuming. You have to find target websites, review them to decide if asking for a link is worthwhile, identify points of contact, and customize written requests for the links. However, there are a few things you can do to build links without having to send out requests. Take a look at the following suggestions from a Los Angeles link building company to make your link building easier and more efficient!

What tips can a Los Angeles link building company give me?

8 Ways to Build Links Without Requesting Them

  1. Volunteer to become an editor for several directories. Not only will you be able to submit reviews of your own sites, you’ll also get to know your market better.
  2. Become a source of quotes for the media. Providing sharp, useful, timely quotes can get yourself known. Then, journalists will seek you out and provide you links when referencing your material.
  3. Praise and link. When you find genuinely useful resources, write a short, complimentary review along with a link.
  4. Submit your website to legitimate award sites. The emergence of sites like Digg and Reddit offer a quick, free link and traffic opportunities.
  5. Create great content that is worth sharing. Put it on your own site as well as on other websites, blogs, e-zines, information sites, media sites, even article banks. You can find sites to submit articles to by doing a Google search.
  6. Find niche blogs, sites, and newsletters that serve your industry that you would like to link to your site.
  7. Publish a regular newsletter on your website and encourage readers to link to it.
  8. Create relevant profiles and a network of friends on generic and specialist social sites. Consider Facebook, Twitter, and other sites relevant to your market. Then, play an active part in them. Contribute to online discussion groups, forums, and blog comments.

How can a Los Angeles link building company help my business?

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