Los Angeles Link Building | Can Link Building Improve My SEO Ranking?

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When you search the web, you have 3 basic tools to help you navigate. You could type the URL to your destination in the search bar, browse bookmarked pages, or you can click a link through to another website. Links are the primary means of online navigation, directing you from one web page to another. The most successful, and highest ranked, websites online have quality links flowing to and from their website. Keep reading for more information on how Los Angeles Link Building can improve your SEO ranking.


How can los Angeles Link building improve my SEO ranking?

How Do Links Improve My SEO Ranking?

You can improve your SEO ranking by having reliable links on your page and obtaining backlinks. Backlinks occur when a relevant website includes a link to a page on your website. The process of including links on your website and obtaining backlinks is called Link Building. Content and links used to be the only factors search engines used to rank a website. Now there are over 200 factors that Google uses to rank a website, and Los Angeles Link building is still one of the single strongest SEO ranking factors in the Google PageRank system.

How Do I Get Started with Los Angeles Link Building?

The first step in link building is creating awesome, relevant content that people want to read. A blog page on your website is the perfect place to start publishing quality content. For example, if you own a dental practice in Los Angeles your blog might want to include useful dental tips and links to the American Dental Association. Links to the ADA will provide readers a trustworthy source of information. Google will then inspect that ADA link and if it considers it to be “quality” information then you SEO standing will improve.

All of this talk about “quality” information begs the question, what is a quality link or website? A quality link is one which directs you to a website that has well written original content and could be useful to readers. If you include links to random or irrelevant pages Google will know it, and your SEO rank will suffer. Google’s complex PageRank algorithm ultimately determines which websites are considered “quality” and which ones are not.

Is Back Linking Key to Link Building?

Once you have quality content and links on your site, it is time to convince another reputable website- and their audience- that it is in their best interest to link to a page on your site. If the American Dental Association wrote an article that linked back your Los Angeles dental practice, your website traffic and SEO rank would burst through the roof. Link building is a “vote of confidence” from one website to another. If you obtain backlinks from trustworthy pages, your business will bear the same reputation.

How can Los Angeles link building improve my SEO ranking?

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