Los Angeles Live Chat | Why You Should Embrace the Power of Live Chat

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Do you have a website? Then, you should be using Los Angeles live chat! Live chat is a wonderful tool that allows you to talk to customers while they are browsing your website. But, the power of live chat does not end there!

Los Angeles Live Chat Gives a Great First Impression

The first point of contact is crucial for converting a website visitor into a customer.  And, you only get one chance.  Use live chat to your advantage and make a great first impression with leads! Ask them if there is anything they are looking for on your site or if there are any questions they have.

How to build relationships using Los Angeles Live Chat

Build and Nurture Relationships

In addition to great first impressions, live chat allows you to nurture your relationship with your leads.  Throughout the buying process, your leads will have questions about what services you provide, what your products do, and why your business is the best. By answering these questions on live chat, you have the opportunity to answer them immediately and develop a deeper relationship.

Better Customer Support

Since you can see what the person is typing before they click send, you can already have the answer to their question in queue. This is far superior to your customer waiting on hold for the first available customer service representative. In fact, 71% of Live Chat users were very happy with the whole process. This is much higher than the satisfaction rate of users that received email or telephone support.

Plus, many of the live chat applications provide multiple chatting boxes so your representatives can speak to more than one website visitor at a time. Your customer service representatives can see where each user is located when they are visiting your site. They can also see what page on your site that visitor is browsing. Multi-tasking at its finest!

How to use Los Angeles Live Chat to enhance your customer support

View and Analyze Results

The best part about Los Angeles live chat is that you can view and analyze your chat history.  You can see how many total chats were started during a given time period, how many visitors were queued, and how satisfied they are. Live chat also provides you with information about the duration of the chats on a certain day and how long it took the representative to initially respond. If you have multiple customer service representatives responding to live chat, you can see when those agents were available to receive chats.

If you are using a ticket system, you can also see how many new tickets were created, how fast the response time was, how many tickets were solved, and how satisfied the user was. Use this to better your customer service support and your website. If multiple users are asking you a specific question about your services, add that to your site. Your leads will thank you.

Los Angeles live chat is extremely powerful! Embrace it. Not sure how to handle the power? Contact Digital Resource at 561-429-2585 and we’ll get you started generating live chat leads. 

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