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When it comes to growing your business, local SEO is essential. This online marketing tool ensures that consumers find your business online when searching for your product or service in your location. Studies show that the majority of consumers research a local business on average of once a week. With this in mind, you are missing out if you are not investing in local SEO. To help you improve your website traffic, here is your SEO checklist from a Los Angeles Local SEO Company.

Get Your N.A.P. on the MAP

Customers will never choose your business if they can’t find you. For this reason, it is essential to have your business’s name, address and phone number available. Additionally, the N.A.P. should be viewable on a map for accessibility. If a consumer can easily see where your business is located, and your contact information is easily available, they are more likely to contact of visit your business.

Optimize for Mobile

Making sure your website shows up correctly on a mobile device is essential. In fact, over 60% of internet searches come from a mobile device. If your company’s website does not load or formatted correctly for a mobile device, you will most likely lose potential customers.

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Utilize a Blog

Google loves blogs. Adding a blog not only improves your SEO, it also gives an opportunity for other companies to link to your website. Try adding content that is high in local SEO and that your users will find helpful.

Engage Socially

Often times, social media is forgotten when it comes to local SEO strategy. However, utilizing your existing social media platforms can go a long way in ensuring your business is found locally. Engage with your local followers, and invite more local users to like your business. Additionally, you can engage with other local businesses, post pictures with SEO keywords and links. This will be indexed with Google to increase your local SEO ranking.

Where can I find the best los angeles local seo company?

Increase Your Rankings with a Los Angeles Local SEO Company

Ensuring that your local SEO strategy is efficient and effective can drastically affect your business. Contact Digital Resource, a Los Angeles local SEO company, to assist you in creating the best local SEO strategy for your business. By increasing your SEO rankings, you can quickly convert potential customers into loyal customers.

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