Los Angeles Maps Optimization | Best Practices for Maps Optimization

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Getting found on maps is extremely important to your business.  When a customer is looking for you, they need to know where they can find you. But, where do you get started with maps optimization? This is where Los Angeles Maps Optimization best practices come into play.

Get Verified on Google My Business

Before you can begin, you need to have a Google My Business listing. If you don’t have a listing, create one. If you do, request Google to give you access to your listing. Don’t make a new listing if you are already showing up online!

Next, verify your Google My Business listing.  Verification allows you to show up on Google Maps as a legitimate business. Once your business is verified, you will receive a little blue check mark next to the name of your business.

The best way to use Los Angeles maps optimization

Fill Out Important Information

Get started with filling out the important information on your Google My Business page.  Include your company’s hours, contact information like your phone number and email address, and physical address.  It’s important to verify that the pin is at the correct location on the map when you add your physical address. If you own a restaurant, Google loves when you add your menu. However, make sure you don’t forget to update your menu when you change it!

Fill out all of the important information that is relevant to your business. Google favors businesses that have completed their Google My Business profile. This is because Google understands that when customers are given the choice between two similar listings, they will choose the business that offers more information.

Add Photos

Next, add photos to your Google My Business listing. Share the best features of your business.  Include pictures of the main space, the entrance, and food if you own a restaurant. You can also take people on a virtual tour and open your doors to customers before they arrive.

The important information to include in Los Angeles maps optimization

Los Angeles Maps Optimization Reviews

We’ve all heard that reviews are extremely important for SEO. But, did you know that reviews are also important for maps optimization? Google favors location who have more reviews on their Google My Business page. So, ask your customers for reviews so they can rave about you to the world!

Get Listed on Other Directories

Don’t stop with Google! Next, get listed on other local directories.  You can go to the individual local directories and add your information and create a login. Or, you can make your life easier and use a service like Yext. But, make sure that you are managing Yext because there are constant changes to websites and new ones added all the time. Make sure that the local directories have the same information as Google does and your listing will rank higher.

The best practices for Los Angeles maps optimization are constantly changing. That’s why we stay up-to-date with all of the changes that are made in the digital world! Let Digital Resource assist you with getting started and maintaining your Google My Business and other local directory listings. Check to see if you are listed properly online by requesting a free directory listing scan.

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