Los Angeles SEO Company | How Do Subtitles Improve Video SEO?

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That phrase “Search Engine Optimization” seems to follow us around when it comes to digital marketing. Whether you’re looking to improve your Instagram captions, or you’ve decided to start a blog – it applies to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. And it’s no different when it comes to multimedia content, including videos. That’s why a Los Angeles SEO company will always recommend using subtitles in your online video posts.

What are Subtitles?

Have you ever watched a foreign film? That English translation that the theater gives you is a subtitle. A subtitle is a transcription of your video that can then be exported to run alongside the audio in your video. This makes possible for viewers to read along with or without audio.

Why do I need a Los Angelos SEO company?

What Kind of Subtitles Should I Use?

There are a few different types of subtitles. Open and closed captions are the most popular. Open captions are actually a part of the video. That means, once it’s uploaded, the viewer cannot turn them on or off. These are typically formatted to look best with the video style. Closed captions are able to be turned on and off by the viewer. While open captions may look better on most occasions, closed captions are where your SEO value is.

How Do Subtitles Help SEO?

Search engine crawlers cannot index visual content. However, if you have a textual representation of that same content, the crawlers can index it to see what kind of content is within. This then allows them to rank your video higher. Also, most social media users view video with no sound. So, you are more likely to get higher engagement and better watch metrics if they can understand your video with no audio.

What are the benefits of a los angelos SEO company?

Are You in Need of a Los Angeles SEO Company?

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