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While people might focus on Facebook when it comes to their social media marketing efforts, Twitter can also be a great place to market your business. With its fast pace and ever-evolving style, Twitter is as popular as ever. As more and more people go to Twitter to get their news, it can be a great place to share links to some of the content you produce on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Twitter as an effective social media marketing outlet from a Los Angeles social media marketing company.

Interact with Industry Experts

Find out who the industry leaders are in your field and interact with them on Twitter. With any luck, they will begin to follow you back. Once other Twitter users see that you are associated with this leaders and experts they will begin to look at you in the same light. This will increase your credibility which will result in more people visiting your website.

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Use Twitter Regularly

Because Twitter is so fast paced, if you are only tweeting once every few days there’s a good chance that the majority of Twitter users aren’t seeing your tweets. Also, regular tweeting is a sign of an active, healthy profile. This will let people know that your account is run by an actual person or people and not a “bot” account.

Pay Attention to Trending Topics and Hashtags

Looking at what the popular trending topics and hashtags of the day are and tailoring your tweets around those is a great way for more people to see your tweets. By putting your business among the trending topics, your handle will be seen when people search tweets regarding that particular hashtag.

Why do I need a Los Angeles social media marketing company?

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When it comes to social media, there might be effective marketing efforts that you might not even know about. Good news, we do. Contact us today to learn more about how we can run an effective social media marketing campaign for you.

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