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how can i maintain my SEO ranking?You finally did it, you achieved a great SEO ranking. Your website is listed first on Google, Yahoo, and all other search engines. You worked hard to reach this top spot. Do not make the mistake and think that SEO is done. Once you get a great SEO ranking, you have to maintain it. Earning an amazing ranking is only half the battle. The core tenets of SEO are constantly evolving, and your business must stay on top of it. Here are the 4 best strategies to help you defend your SEO ranking!

  1. Update Your Site

It may seem obvious to update your site, yet most companies don’t and it costs them. Google takes into account not only content quality, but also content freshness in its ranking algorithm. As a result, keeping your site up to date is an easy and effective way to maintain your SEO ranking.

  1. Increase Site Speedincrease site speed to maintain seo ranking

Site speed has always been a SEO ranking factor, but many websites still don’t load very fast. This is specifically accurate for mobile sites, where a majority of searches now take place. If your website isn’t fast enough, your visitors will leave and go to another. You should aim to get your page load time down to less than one second for the best results. If you can’t get it that low, just remember that every second of page load time you reduce, the less chance of page abandonment.

  1. Practice Quality Link Building

If you’ve already received great rankings for a keyword, it’s not necessary to build excessive backlinks to that page. It’s important to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. Google can tell when a site is getting links at an unreasonable pace. If you build links too quickly, it will be seen as a red flag and actually end up hurting your rankings. If you want to maintain your SEO rankings, you need to expand your inbound links to all of the different pages on your site. This will diversify your backlink profile and increase your website authority.

  1. Build Your Social Media Presence

Search engines count profiles on all major social media platforms towards authority. Having a social media presence on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. will all help search engines determine the relevancy of your site. The more people that like and share your content, the more visibility you will get from these social networks. The further you build your presence on social media, the better chance you have at sustaining your media to maintain seo ranking

Search engine optimization is not a quick fix. If you want to maintain your SEO ranking, you have to view it as a long-term process. Implementing the above four strategies will help you maintain your authority long after your initial ranking. Do you want more SEO and internet marketing tips? We are a digital marketing agency in South Florida that would love to help your business! Get a free internet marketing analysis today!

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