How To Manage Social Media | What Is Social Brand Management?

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Social media channels have changed the game when it comes to customer interaction. Long gone are the days of customers sending in letters to file a complaint over an issue. Customers don’t want to even take the time out of their day to call a company to give them feedback. Not when they can take 30 seconds and let their thoughts be known (positive and negative) via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. To manage social media platforms efficiently we need to expand our definition of brand management to include social brand management.

So What is Social Brand Management?

To understand social brand management, we first have to know what is brand management. In business, brand management is the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results. Taking that definition into account we can then say that social brand management is the process of doing the activities necessary across different social media platforms to make sure a brand or company Is associated with positive results.

Need Help figuring out how to manage social media? Social brand management is a new concept to you? We can help.

I Already Manage Social Media Channels That Are Beneficial To My Company

So you have a presence on a few different social media channels. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are managing your social media. Are you responding to questions and requests in a timely manner? Is the content you are posting adding value to current and potential customers? Are you posting new content on a regular basis? These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself before proclaiming that you manage social media. When it comes to social brand management you want to do more than just posting something semi-regularly.

Consistency Is King When You Manage Social Media

You want to be consistent when posting content to your social media platforms. Be consistent on the frequency of posts. Stay consistent on the quality of posts. Also remember to be bonsistent in the speed in which you respond to questions and concerns. All of these different areas of consistency add up to a successful social brand management strategy. A strategy that can help your online presence grow organically  and improve the perception potential and existing customers have of your brand.

Be Authentic

Social media has also opened the door to customers feeling more aligned with a company’s values. How does that happen? By giving your company a voice and a personality via social media. Are the tone of your posts playful and engaging? Are they serious and to the point? That is all up to you, but having a “voice” gives customers an opportunity to feel more attached to your company and thus be more loyal.

Need Help figuring out how to manage social media? Social brand management is a new concept to you? We can help.

The tips and advice given in this article can seem pretty easy to implement. Truth is we know that it can be difficult to stay consistent while handling the issues that arise in running the day to day of any business. Social brand management doesn’t have to be a burden. Contact the team of experts at Digital Resource to help your business grow and maximize the results that can be achieved by properly managing your social media!


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