Maps Optimization in Tampa | Google Maps v. Bing Maps: Which is Better?

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Maps optimization in Tampa is essential for brick and mortar stores wanting to make an impression online. But, while Google ranks highest among search engines, Bing is giving it some healthy competition by stepping up its user-friendly map interactions. But, is one better than the other? Should you be putting more emphasis on Google or Bing? Keep reading to learn more:

Benefits of Google Maps

is google better for maps optimization in tampa

Google is hands down the leading search engine around. With all of the information and data it holds, there is so much for the potential for quality search results. This makes it way easier for potential customers and clients to find your business. Google is the Facebook of search engines – it’s a no-brainer. You absolutely need to be utilizing Google when it comes to wanting to have a successful internet marketing strategy.

Other perks of using Google Maps is that it has its own review system. This allows for customers to leave reviews in yet another place. It also includes a summary, as well as busiest times. And, the more data, the better. Lastly, users are able to send their locations to their phones for more convenience.

Benefits of Bing Maps

is bing better for maps optimization in tampa

Bing Maps is not nearly as possible as Google Maps. Plus, since Bing has less data than Google, the searches may not be as relevant. Those are most definitely pitfalls, but Bing Maps has some great qualities. First of all, there are easier social integrations. For example, your Yelp reviews show up under your business’s Bing Maps listing, making it easier for searchers to connect with you on multiple platforms.

Not to mention, Bing has worked very hard on their visuals. A quick street view comparison shows high-quality imagery that makes it a breeze for customers who are unfamiliar with your area find your exact location.

Is Google Maps Better than Bing Maps?

The truth is that each has its benefits. And, your business should be on as many platforms as possible, if there’s a strong potential for benefits. But, more people are using Google at the end of the day. You should always keep a strong emphasis on Google, and then address other platforms.

You Need a Mobile Solution

Whether you choose to put an emphasis on Google Maps or Bing Maps, it is absolutely essential to have a map optimization plan. Not only does this allow people to find your business location(s) online but offers them a mobile-friendly option to find said locations. Think about when you are looking up directions. It is when you are in the car or about to head out. Both of these platforms allow your business to be found more easily and offer connecting apps. And, at the end of the day, user-friendly information is the most valuable in order to generate more, quality leads.

Are You Ready to Get the Most Out of Maps Optimization in Tampa?

Maps optimization in Tampa is so essential, but navigating the world of digital marketing isn’t always cut and dry. You need the experts behind your business to make sure you’re getting the most out of your internet marketing strategy. So, contact Digital Resource today to learn how we can assist you in exceeding your business goals.

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