How to Market Your Business Online for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is much more than just a holiday to celebrate the maternal figures in your life – it is also an excellent internet marketing opportunity for your business! Mother’s Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. It’s 3rd only to the winter holidays and back-to-school shopping. With consumers spending $21.2 billion a year for this day, there are 21.2 billion reasons why your  business should market online for Mother’s Day.

How do you market your  business online for Mother’s Day? Here are some helpful tips to guarantee Mother’s Day marketing success!

Start Early

People start digitally searching for Mother’s Day a month in advance. They are most active the week before, especially if they are searching for gifts, flowers, or greeting cards. As a result, it is imperative that your online business is prepared for these searches. You don’t want the early birds to miss out on your business!How early should I start marketing for Mother's Day?

Choose the Right Keywords

Specific keywords make a huge difference on Mother’s Day marketing efforts. People are often searching not for specific gift, but rather gift ideas. This gives you a chance to persuade them to buy from your online business instead of a competitor’s.

You can utilize this opportunity by temporarily expanding keyword lists to include more general terms about gifts, gift ideas, and specifics for this holiday. Keywords such as “ideas,” “homemade,” “best,” “unique,” “cheap,” and “wife” are used in 64% of Mother’s Day internet searches. For example, the phrase “Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts” is searched over 3000 times per month. Try your best to include these popular keywords in your pages.

Make it Mobile

Over 1/3 of shoppers used their smartphones to search for Mother’s Day gifts in 2015. This is a 39% increase in mobile searches from 2014!  And this year, smartphones are expected to play an even bigger role.

What will people be searching on their smartphones? 43% will be researching or comparing prices. 28% will be purchasing gifts. 25% will be looking up retailer location, store hours, directions, etc. Lastly, 16% will be using apps to research or purchase gifts. Make the most out of these searches by making your Mother’s Day content mobile friendly.

Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is the top-ranking social network for Mother’s Day searches. Out of 65% of the 275 keywords, Pinterest ranks in positions 1-5. Utilize Pinterest by creating a pin board with all of your business’s potential Mother’s Day gift ideas. Then promote the Pin Board on your other social networks. Don’t forget to place a link on each pin back to your website!

Don’t be scared to also use promotions with your Mother’s Day Pinterest campaign! Encourage fans to share pins from your board. Then, randomly pick a winner from all of the pinners and give them prize. This type of promotion will encourage fans to repin your items, helping your products reach a wider customer base and increase excitement about your company!

Create Exclusive Offers

Offering discounts and running offers for special occasions might be an old marketing strategy, but it is still an effective one. Promotions like “A Gift for Mom” or “Here’s What Your Mom Will Love” offering discounts are bound to attract customers this Mother’s Day.How to create an exclusive offer for mother's day

Other online business, however, will be flooded with attractive offers for Mother’s Day too. As a result, you have to make sure that your promotions are better than your competitors. Make the advertising big and bold on your website and mention it (with links) on all of you social media platforms.

 Evoke Emotion

No matter what marketing tactics your business ends up using for Mother’s Day, they need to be personal. It must evoke emotion that captures motherhood, while embracing the individuality of each mom. This is what people are shopping for. This is what will ultimately cause people to become your customer this Mother’s Day.

Provide heartfelt content that triggers people to feel emotional engagement between themselves, your business, and Mother’s Day. One strategy to do this is to post real pictures and stories of real moms. If you’re a clothing company, maybe share funny retro fashion trends. Or, if you’re a dentist, ask for photos of customers hearing their biggest smiles as children with their mom’s. No matter how you evoke emotion, fans will associate you with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from your content.

Mother’s Day is a HUGE retail holiday, one that warrants a solid internet marketing strategy. Make sure that your  business utilizes this day online by starting early, choosing the right keywords, making it mobile, utilizing Pinterest, creating exclusive offers, and evoking emotion. If you have any further questions about marketing for Mother’s Day or how to grow your business online in general, contact us! We are an internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach that would love to help! Connect with us online or call us at (561) 429-2585 today!


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