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We know the importance of maintaining a great website to get you on the path to success. The most viable aspect of a marketing and web design company is to have the best website that is designed for ecommerce. Let’s take a look at what you can implement below!

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How Can I Optimize My Web Design?

1. Simple Access

In the first place, make sure that your website is easy to access for your audience. Do not make it too difficult for our audience to access certain products or learning more about the goals of what your company has to offer.

So, try to make your users feel like they are receiving exclusivity and benefits just by visiting your website alone. Give them a reason to learn more about your website!


2. High-Quality Content

Adding on, always ensure that you are using the best quality images and content you can post on your website. The images should not be too big or too small because it could look unappealing to users.

A popular option is to use stock photos which are generalized images for each service you have. Or, you can opt for authentic images of the inside of your office or showing behind-the-scenes work.


3. Loading Speed

Plus, take into account the loading speed of the page itself. This loading speed will only make it easier for images and content to appear on your website. Try to aim for a loading speed within less than 10 seconds.

In order to do so, we recommend re-scaling images, so it is smaller and easier to load on the pages. If your webpage takes too long to load, it is common for users to jump to another website as a result.


4. Notification Banners

Furthermore, you can add notification banners to your ecommerce website.  The banners will stay at the top of the page, typically on every page to ensure the message stays in the mind of the audience.

You can alter the color of the banner with a light blue or orange that stands out from the theme of the website. The message could be a sale or a “fear of loss” tactic to let users know that you are providing a special service for a limited time.


5. Navigation

Moreover, the navigation section must be easily noticeable for users to manage. By manage, we mean providing ease for users to sort and click on the appropriate pages related to your services.

Especially, if you are looking to achieve ecommerce status on your website it is highly recommended that you are placing each product accordingly. Include the image of the product as well as a short description of what the product is and does.


6. Filter

Also, the filter section is ideal if you have many products on a single page. It makes it easier for users to search for the right products or services they are looking for. For instance, users can filter products by make model, color, size among others so they can find everything that they are looking for.


7. Social Media Buttons

In addition, social media buttons are integral to getting your customers to learn more about you. Maybe you have a different angle of a product exclusively on your social media pages. That’s why these buttons need to be not just on the homepage, but every web page on your site as well.


8. Testimonials

In essence, it is important that you are providing testimonials for many of your products and services. Thee testimonials should include authentic and not fake reviews from customers.  This will only heighten your ability to reach out to a wide audience who may want to learn more about past customers’ experiences.


9. Blogs

In direct correlation, blogs are very beneficial to achieving your ecommerce results. Blogs provide more in-depth content about a certain product or service. These blogs help users determine which product a customer wants to buy.

This acts as a last resort for users who want to confirm their notions to buy a product. The blog should highlight a single topic and be sectioned off to make it easier for reading!


10. Hierarchy Layout

Therefore, a specific layout subliminally tells people the aspects you believe are important to the customers. The layout can begin with images and brief content to start with. This can include two types of CTAs in the middle and end of the page. The layout is of course, up for your company to decide.

Plus, the hierarchy is essential for sectioning off which areas are the most integral to you. What do you want users to get out of your products? Ensure that you are placing certain aspects of content to make a definitive layout of importance.


11. Clear CTA

Did you know that a clear CTA generates twice the number of leads? Always use language that has plenty of verbs and the name of the product you are wanting to showcase. A good CTA is “Need to Make an Appointment Now?” or “Are You Looking for Power Washers?” definitively answers users’ questions.

This tactic not only doubles the number of leads but brings in more ecommerce business to what your company needs.


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Are You Looking for a Marketing and Web Design Company?

All in all, it is essential that you are placing importance on designing a great ecommerce website. That’s why we are devoted to ensuring your success for all types of websites, regardless of the digital marketing landscape. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation to get you on the path to success!

Tapkannia is a graduate of Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She enjoys being a part of a team working on media and digital marketing strategies. She finds solace in the written word and producing quality content.

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