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In order to take charge of your marketing and web design company, you need to pay attention to data. This data is in direct correlation to how your audience interacts with your website, ads, and social media campaigns. Let’s take a closer look as to why data contains an important measure—calculating progress toward success.

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How Can I Implement Data-Driven Campaigns?

1. Take into Account Your Own Data

First and foremost, you need to set up data-measuring tools and programs. These need to be connected to your campaigns and should be able to provide real-time data results. By taking a look at your own data, you can determine the number of ad clicks you receive, how many people have read your content or visited your website.

Plus, this type of data is a reflection of your own marketing efforts. It may not be a simple task, however, it is a practice that will generate revenue for your company in the long-term.


2. Utilize Specific Coding

Next, you need to include the appropriate coding to measure your campaigns—specifically social media pages. Social media is measured by the number of likes and followers. However, engagement can be even tougher to delineate.

Therefore, you need to make use of UTM codes that creates trackable data. By introducing UTM codes, you can create a customized URL that is specifically targeted toward measuring data in Google Analytics.


3. Social Pixels

Have you ever seen the disclaimer, “We use cookies on our site. By using this site, you are agreeing to provide your location and purchase information that we use for data purposes.”? These are social pixels—a code that allows websites to share data.

By doing this, you are actually back-tracking your marketing efforts to see how users interact with you. Especially on Facebook, you can find this tracking data in the Audience Insights tab in your account.

This is a major component of collecting data online. Many people disassociate social media with begin data-driven, but these platforms are about the metrics.


4. Ad Clicks

In addition, ad clicks make your campaign viable. Without it, you might as well be targeting groups of people who don’t understand or even want your product or service. Remember, ad clicks are determined by not only the number of people who physically click on it but the progression of reading the landing page.

If the landing page comes back with a 20% click-through-rate, this cannot be counted toward effective analytics. Instead, this click-through-rate needs to hit at least in the 70th percentile to qualify as a successful campaign.

The largest central factor of generating effective data, is the numbers themselves. Data is at its most basic core, a numbers game. Pay attention to the numbers and think about what each number means to grow your company!


5. Measure Conversions

Moreover, you must rely on data to convert to real leads. For example, your engagement level can be determined in numbers but how many will convert into a new customer? This is where data plays a huge role in cementing the playing field.

If you have the right tools to measure data, then conversions should be able to follow thereafter. Let’s say 100 people visited your Instagram page and only 65 liked your most recent post. It’s estimated that not more than 20 people will directly message you or inquire about your company.


6. Trending Technology

Also, technology is always advancing, and this means that data tends to change from year to year. Most, if not almost every marketing campaign reflects the current digital climate. This is translated into staying up to date on the best tools used in the industry.

In order to make big takeaways from your data, update and upgrade your software to get started. Brushing up on a few new tips is essential to effective data progression.


7. Be One Step Ahead of Your Customer

Furthermore, you can learn to be ahead of customers with data at your fingertips. We recommend taking a look at what your competitors are doing and take that information and craft your own unique approach to data.

Always ensure that you are looking at the previous purchasing habits or location data that your potential customers have in mind. You can find out this information by invoking data into your website. Send your customer emails about items they’ve looked at on your website because this practice is nearly 63% effective!


8. Make a Report

One of the best ways to keep track of data is to make a report for yourself. Typically, these reports are directed to marketing clients who want updates on their campaign. Most importantly, do not forget what this report could mean to your own company as well.

Make sure that your report indicates the name of the platform from which the data is from, the data itself and separate it into categories. Maybe you want to record data from a specific region or by income or by age groups. Narrow down your demographics so you can make the correct report accordingly.


Bonus: Track the Search Origin

Last but not least, be aware of the exact origin the searches are coming from. This can differentiate into competing search engines or even voice searches. By measuring the data of origin, you will be able to learn how you can optimize your campaign based on the frequency of the search itself.

This way, you will be able to begin your data recording practices without a hitch. Find a good starting point and move toward successful progress!


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All in all, you need to dedicate your time by sifting through data to make your campaign successful. You need to be able to place importance on the matter and ensure that you are following through with these practices. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation to get started!

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