Marketing Consulting | 3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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It can be easy to make simple mistakes in your marketing approach. By learning what mistakes to avoid you can develop a winning strategy based on proven results. Here are three mistakes you should avoid in your next SEO campaign.


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Redundant Pages

Keep your info to the point.

One of the biggest mistakes companies makes when they construct their own website is making pages with duplicate information. Having redundant pages makes it harder for Google to trust your site. This also harms your flow in that customers can get lost looking for information.


Mobile Design

Make sure your site looks good anywhere.

A big part of web design and SEO to remember is that your website needs to look good on mobile as well. The majority of Google searches come from phones, so when your link comes up, you want your mobile site to look good and work properly.


Stale Keywords

Update your keywords and your strategy.

Many websites that have been around for a while forget to update their keywords. Updating your keywords regularly is important to keeping your SEO campaign fresh and drawing in new leads. Keep your campaign fresh and make sure that your keywords are rating positively in analytic reports.

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