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Google AdWords is one of the best means of tracking results from ads instantly. Here are two great reasons to invest in your paid ads campaigns on AdWords.

Target Customers

Find better customers

By targeting specific customers, you can increase traffic from more quality leads. Targeting is one of the most important parts of modern advertising. One of the advantages of AdWords advertising is it allows you to target your advertisements to anyone, anywhere in the world. By tweaking your campaign, you can choose to have your Google Ads seen by a whole continent, a specific region, or an area of just a few streets wide. With AdWords, you can run your entire campaign targeting people from anywhere in the world from your own home or office. You can draw the area you want on a map, or select just certain cities or counties, or zip codes.


Faster Than SEO

Measurable and instant

SEO is definitely important, but not more so than paid advertising. AdWords is a great way to track marketing results. While SEO has its place in online marketing, it’s more of a long-term strategy that takes time before it begins generating a steady stream of organic traffic. The months or sometimes years it takes to write and publish authoritative content is an integral part to any marketing strategy, but with Google AdWords, it’s easy to set up a campaign and begin seeing results in as little as one day. This is great for brands that are looking to increase brand awareness or even promote a limited time sales event. The main reason AdWords is faster than SEO is because you’re able to target multiple keywords at once and begin ranking for them without going through the legwork of publishing different types of content and building backlinks.

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