Marketing Using Facebook | Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Facebook is a valuable asset when planning your company’s marketing strategy. Facebook allows you to engage with customers and allows them to interact with your company. However, marketing using Facebook is not always guaranteed to be successful. Companies that do not correctly market on Facebook may be doing more harm to their business as opposed to helping the company grow. Below are the top Facebook marketing mistakes, and how to avoid them to improve your online marketing strategy.

Marketing Using Facebook Mistake #1: Begging for “likes”

When marketing using Facebook, the strongest following comes naturally. This means that you should not be begging for “likes” and asking your users to comment. Begging for likes and comments not only demonstrates your lack of a marketing strategy but also turns consumers off. Facebook users log on to share pictures, look at funny videos, and catch up on what’s going on with their friends.

Avoid desperately asking your followers for likes by posting content they would enjoy seeing pop up on their news feed. This can be something that’s going on at your company, a funny post related to your industry, or a genuinely engaging question.

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Marketing Using Facebook Mistake #2: Ignoring Using Mobile Users

By the end of 2016, 58.9% of Facebook users only use a mobile device to access their social network. This number is predicted to grow. Many companies only take into account how their Facebook page looks on a desktop computer. But what about how users experience the page on their mobile device? Cropped images and damaged page appearance turn users away from the page when using a mobile device.

To follow the mobile market, companies should shift their focus to how consumers experience Facebook on their mobile device. Testing content and visuals on a mobile device are essential to keeping customers engaged with your brand and uphold your company’s Facebook reputation.

Marketing Using Facebook Mistake #3: Posting Irrelevant Content

Consistently posting content to your company’s Facebook is essential to engaging customers and reaching your target audience. However, posting irrelevant content, links and hashtags can damage your brand and confuse your followers. In addition, posting inappropriate captions, comments and pictures do not shed a positive light on your company.

Stay on brand by posting content that relates to your company’s industry, products, and services. Posting images and captions that display your company’s values is another great way to promote your company.

Marketing Using Facebook Mistake #4: Not Engaging with Customers

One of the biggest turn offs to Facebook users is when the company does not respond to their consumers’ comments and messages. Facebook users want to know that they are being heard from the company when they post a comment.

Engagement on Facebook is between both parties: the original poster and the users who comment and share the post. Replying to comments and messages can be the difference between just another Facebook user and a potential customer!

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Marketing using Facebook can be a great way to post frequently and stay consistent with your marketing strategy. With the right content and level of engagement, your company can successfully use Facebook to reach their target audience. Make sure your business is getting the most from Facebook marketing by requesting a free internet marketing analysis from Digital Resource. Digital Resource is your right hand in creating content and engaging with customers online.






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