How To Maximize Social Media ROI? | 5 Essential Points

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There are MANY social media platforms, so how do you know which are the best for your business, and which will maximize social media ROI? Each platform has a specialized user-base, or demographic. Therefore, to get the best ROI, or Return On Investment, find out which platform attracts the people to which you want to advertise and sell.  ROI is a process that pays off in the long run.  Think of your Social Media ROI as a medium to long-term investment, whereby you may secure long-term customers and much more website traffic.  In short, your Social Media marketing will give you the exposure and transparency that potential customers look for on social media platforms. The 3 most common platforms used in business (other than your business LinkedIn page) are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and Periscope are gaining tread, but we will discuss those in another post!) For now, lets stick to the basics of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

1. How Do I Know Which Social Media Platform Will Maximize my ROI?

Identify your ideal demographic, then find the best platform to reach that audience.  For example, Twitter has become a quick, sleeves-rolled-up style of promotion. Twitter is useful and essential for social media marketing. Twitter entertains breaking news, sports updates, live tweeting. For example, if you live-tweet about the Oscars or the Super Bowl, you will find an audience, if only for that time period; but during that time period, make sure you put your product/service out there. Twitter’s tweets have a lifecycle of seconds, so get the hashtag in there, make it count, and make it at the right time! By paying more attention to the nuances of each platform, such as timing and trends, you will effectively maximize your social media ROI.

Maximize Social Media ROI for your business with these tips

Instagram’s average age range is 17-30 (and growing). People love selfies, people love showing what they are doing, but they don’t like being sold anything, so, if you want to maximize your ROI, don’t use basic “ad style” promotions for your product, make it look as though it is an actual picture—aesthetic, creative, etc. For example, you are promoting a new style sports drink, have an athlete in action, drinking the drink. Use your hashtags! It will lengthen the life cycle of your posts on Instagram. Make your captions snappy! Make your pictures look good, by using a filter system ahead of time such as VSCO Cam or Lightroom Mobile. Do not post more than once a day!

Facebook has the largest audience and audience range. Hashtags are not as common on here, which is why it is even more important to make your text/headline catchy. Facebook’s algorithm is tricky and it can make or break you depending on how popular your posts are. The more likes they get, the higher and more common they will show up on your followers’ news feeds—if not popular they will do the opposite. Facebook ads are very popular, but they have certain rules to follow, which augment your potential success, since you can specify your audience-outreach to the specific age, gender, hobbies and location of other users.

2. Timing is Everything to Maximize Social Media ROI: Base your posts at a time of day relevant to your product or service. For example, breakfast sandwiches are enticing in the morning, but restaurants or clubs will have more luck in the afternoon and evening. Identify popular times, calendar holidays, and events to which to tag your posts.

Twitter has a short life span, and Tweeters have an even shorter attention-span! Content is fast-paced—quick and simple.

Facebook is not used as much during work hours. Instead, plan ads during the morning, before work, during “lunch break,” and after dinner.

Instagram has a much higher response after 5pm than during normal work hours.

3. Call to Action to Maximize Social Media ROI: What’s the point of a post if you don’t ask them to do something? Your call to action, or CTA, is asking your audience to do something after they’ve read what you had to say. Sometimes, people need to be told what to do, without realizing it. For example, on any platform, the CTA can be something like “register now” or “visit our website today” or “learn more by calling us” etc. They need something to do after reading your post. Example: “Liked our offer for a ski lesson? Call us today to schedule your next session!”

4. Use Your Calendar to Maximize Social Media ROI : Plan Ahead, Schedule Posts. Know what you are going to be doing ahead of time because you don’t want to post more than once a day or at the wrong times of day. Having a clear plan will keep you from bogging down your audience or repeating the same information. Remember, no one wants to be sold something, you have to subtly convince them into thinking they need it. Use apps such as Hootsuite, or schedule your Facebook posts from Facebook ahead of time. It will give you a path to follow and won’t deter things if you are running late or if something else comes up. Or even if a nationwide or local event pops up that you can somehow implement you will have more time to work on that.

5. Analyze Your Metrics to Maximize Social Media ROI: Look at your analytics from previous posts to see what worked and what didn’t. You can’t beat a dead horse. Identify what has worked and what has not. So no one likes your witty posts at 7am but they like it at 8pm, remember that, and continue to do that! A lot of your audience is female? Market towards them, but throw in some stuff the males might find interesting. Do your black and white pictures get more hits than color? Then, stick to black and white! The more hashtags the more likes? Use more hashtags. Basically, find the results, analyze the results, and use them to maximize your social media ROI!

Hire a Social Media Marketing Team to Maximize Social Media ROI:

The best way to ensure your business is actively receiving clients, web exposure, and qualified leads is to hire a qualified business who can focus solely on your business’s image and marketing.  Indeed, social media marketing requires full-time maintenance. Hiring Social Media Marketing professionals is the only way to guarantee the maximum ROI for your business. Contact our social media marketing experts online today or give us a call at 561-429-2585!

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