How to Maximize My West Palm Beach SEO for the Holiday Season

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a methodology used to increase website traffic organically through search engine results. While there is certainly a checklist for your SEO strategy, SEO itself is not a task you can simply complete and check off on a list. SEO is an ongoing strategy that is sensitive to external factors such as time, so it’s important that you tweak and alter it as necessary. With this year’s holiday season in full effect, now is a great time to make a few SEO adjustments. Keep reading to learn how to maximize your West Palm Beach SEO to increase your website traffic!

Learn how to change your West Palm Beach SEO for the holidays.


Good content plays a huge role in the success of your SEO strategy, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that creating holiday-related content will benefit your business during the holiday season. Besides, the holidays make most people feel good, so appealing to the happiness of your audience can never hurt.

Creating holiday-related content doesn’t mean changing your entire business to revolve around Christmas or Hanukkah. It simply means relating your business to the holiday season in general, which can be done regardless of the type of business you run. For example, if your business is a veterinary service, you could create content that discloses the best ways to travel with your pet during the holiday season. Or, if your business is a medical service, you could create content that showcases some healthy holiday recipes. As long as you use content that interests viewers, their engagement with your business will follow. And be sure to post this content to your website or blog as early as possible to improve the search success of the posts.


During this time of year, popular searches take a shift. People begin to use their search engines for holiday-related things such as gifts and recipes. As a result, holiday-specific keywords come into play. When creating your holiday-related content, using holiday-specific keywords will further improve the success of your SEO.

For example, “gift ideas for dad” or “Christmas dinner ideas” are both frequently searched for during the holiday season. Keywords like those, however, are extremely popular, making them much harder to rank for. In order to have success with holiday keywords, try to find ones that are more specific to your business. To find the best holiday-specific keywords, you can use Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool.

Find holiday-specific keywords for your West Palm Beach SEO.

Landing Pages

If you’re properly measuring your SEO performance, you know which of your pages are doing well. And because you know this, you can use these pages to your advantage during the holiday season. Since people will be actively present on your top landing pages, go back to these pages and add internal links to holiday-related areas of your website or blog. This could be anything from your new holiday content to your special promotions and deals. This will increase the exposure of your holiday-focused content and improve overall clicks to your website.

Improve Your West Palm Beach SEO This Holiday Season!

West Palm Beach is a growing city, and with great growth comes great competition. If you want your business to succeed here, it’s important to be implementing the most effective strategies for your West Palm Beach SEO, especially during the busy holiday season. Do you want to learn more successful strategies for SEO in South Florida? Digital Resource can help! Our Internet Marketing Specialists have the skills you need to improve your digital marketing!

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