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A very common, yet major mistake companies make is not developing a brand voice. In marketing, your brand voice can be a major differentiator. A Miami content marketing company may spend a lot of time on logos, and the look and feel of a website, and other aspects of branding. However, developing a unique voice for content often gets neglected. Your company’s tone and voice are about what kind of impression you want to leave on your customers. When created correctly, your company’s voice can be a game changer in your content.

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Define What Makes Your Company Unique

Its valuable to have a mission statement to base your company’s voice off of.  This is the chance to define who you are as a company. It’s crucial to ask yourself the following questions:

“What’s unique about your business?”

“What’s special about the way you do business?”

“How do you describe your companies culture?

Questions like these will help you determine keywords that define who you are as a company.

Go into Detail

Once you determine what your specific words best define you as a brand, it’s time to take it a step further, and figure out the details around them and what they really represent. For example, if one of the words you describe your company is “creative” what exactly does that mean? How does it make you unique, and how does it benefit your customers?

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Write It Down

It’s easy to stick to a specific brand voice when your company is still in the beginning stages. However, as your company grows, it’s easy for the foundation of the tone of your voice to get lost in the shuffle of new employees and different marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s important to write down a clear explanation of your brand’s voice to refer back to. Include specific jargon and pronouns.

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