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Because of the constant emerging technologies, the marketing climate is ever changing. Therefore, as a marketer, it may feel difficult to keep up with the changes and current trends. It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve in order to keep up with the competition and to explore new marketing strategies. Below are a few digital marketing trends you can expect to see in 2018. Also, for assistance with your digital marketing, contact our Miami digital marketing company today!

Miami Digital Marketing Company that can help me with my strategy

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to develop and advance, making it a major contender in marketing in 2018. AI is a way to predict what the consumers want to buy/ see. Therefore, AI can assist marketers in the pursuit of giving consumers a personalized marketing experience, through email marketing, push notifications, and content recommendations.

Live Video

Research shows that consumers react positively to live video from a brand or company. Live video will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. All relevant social media platforms now allow live content. So, if you are not utilizing live content yet, this might be a strategy to consider in 2018.

Voice Search

Research shows that by the year 2020, over 50% of search will be voice-based. so, as the technology improves, this strategy will gain popularity. Therefore, soon your content will need to be optimized for voice search. Yet another current trend to consider adding to your strategy.


Miami Digital Marketing Company that can help my business

Miami Digital Marketing Company

Are you marketing strategies up to date with the latest trends? Your digital marketing strategy must cater to your unique business, and be relevant to today’s marketing landscape. Need assistance creating a strategy for your business? Our Miami digital marketing company would be happy to create one for you. If you want your business to grow, contact us today to begin building your digital marketing strategy.

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