Miami Social Media Marketing Company | 3 Things to Do Daily on Linkedin

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LinkedIn is a valuable asset to your business when used correctly. The fastest way to achieve success on your linked in profile is by making it a habit to engage with the platform consistently. Therefore, being active on the platform daily will pay off in the end. Below are a few things you should be actively doing on LinkedIn every day. Furthermore, for more LinkedIn and social media tips, contact our Miami social media marketing company today!

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Update Your Status

It’s important to let your followers know that you are present on LinkedIn. Therefore, If you aren’t regularly updating your LinkedIn, your profile can easily become irrelevant And, your business won’t come to mind when your network might need your services. So, make a habit of sharing an update daily. Share updates you think will interest your followers. Like industry news, or valuable information on a relevant topic.

Accept Requests

Take time every day to accept requests on your profile. Ignoring requests, or letting them accumulate after a long period of time, is not an effective way to grow your network.

Engage with Connections

To build your network and relationships via LinkedIn, you must engage with your connections on the platform. Stay up to date with what is happening in your network. An easy icebreaker is staying up to date with work anniversaries or job changes. A quick best wishes email can go a long way and open up the door for communication. This will ultimately help grow your network.

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Miami Social Media Marketing Company

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