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Spring cleaning. It is a major topic of discussion every Spring but mainly in terms of household cleaning. I bet you haven’t given a whole lot of thought to the fact that your social media accounts may need a little spring cleaning too! Online presences can become cluttered because there is so much information shared every day. Here are some simple tips to get your Miami social media marketing cleaned up and refreshed!

Should I spring clean my Miami social media marketing presence?Miami Social Media Marketing: Spring Cleaning

Review Your Accounts

The key to successful social media accounts is to connect with people! Create a list of the social media platforms you are on and write down the username and password for each platform in a document. Make sure your contact, services, and about information are up-to-date. This will keep your image looking polished and professional.

Clean It Up

Next, go through each social network stream and delete any posts that are not relevant to your business, such as a change in your returns policy or content that doesn’t match the rest. You want your online presence to have a clean and consistent presence – something your customers can count on. You’ll also want to unfollow or unlike any accounts that are spam or not relevant to your pages’ interests. You can also take an extra step and come up with a business social media policy. This can help to streamline your presence if multiple people are posting to your business social media accounts.

Fresh Content

Start by updating your profile picture and cover photo for your pages. Make sure to update them with a new company logo or pictures of your business. Also, take this time to find new pages, people, and fans. Make sure all the new follows are relevant to your business. Take this time to spice up your service or description information to keep your page interesting.

Update Social Media Advertisements

Any successful business has advertisements on social media that run on a regular basis. These ads can become stale over time and even become ineffective because they keep targeting an audience you have already gained. Make sure to update the pictures and text to reflect the new season. Also, make sure to adjust your audience to target a new range of potential customers.

Create New Goals

Determine what has been working for your company online and what types of content have been engaging your followers. Develop a strategy around this so that you are bringing fresh and exciting content to your followers. Establish what your goals are for the year and invest your time in making that happen. This could be to engage with fans X times per week or to gain 1,000 followers by the end of the year.

Should businesses spring clean their Miami social media marketing presence?Ready To Begin Spring Cleaning?

Follow these steps and your Miami social media marketing accounts will be clean and shiny again! Social media presences evolve over time and grow with your company so don’t feel guilty about cleaning up your accounts. If social media overwhelms you, contact our social media specialists. Digital Resource handles social media presences for many different organizations with daily posts and updated company information. We would love to speak with you about your business.

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