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It has been reported that a staggering 66% of emails are read on mobile devices and that figure rises every year. It is important that your emails translate to mobile devices as easily as they do on traditional computers. Consumer behavior has continued to demonstrate that smartphones are becoming the preferred channel for reading emails. Your business should be optimizing your Nashville email marketing campaign to stay relevant. Here is a quick list of 5 steps you can take to improve your mobile email marketing strategy.

What do i need to do for Nashville email marketing?

5 Steps to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices

1.  Break Up Large Blocks of Text

Since mobile devices are narrower than traditional computer screens your emails should have text broken up into smaller chunks. You can achieve this by adding white space between every two or three sentences. This will avoid the dreaded look of overwhelming text that your customers will not want to read. Large chunks of text are overwhelming on a mobile device and by adding white space you allow the reader room to focus on one information piece at a time.

2.  Use Smaller Images

Mobile devices and large images have an unfortunate relationship. Although your large image may look amazing on a computer screen this will not transfer to a mobile device. Large images will cause slow loading times, especially when off of Wi-Fi. It is also worth noting that any customer with an Android device will have to allow the picture to load before viewing. To avoid having issues with images make sure that your images are small and your text can stand alone without images.

3.  Make a Short and Catchy Subject Line

Subject lines are the first thing customers see when an email gets sent to their inbox. This typically determines is they will open the email or send it to their trash. Since long lines of copy will get cut off in the subject line, it’s important to keep the character countdown. You’ll want to make the text enticing to potential readers by creating a catchy headline. Keep in mind that the character count for a mobile device is 25.

4.  Optimize with Pre-Header Text

The pre-header text is the preview of text in the email that is right below the name of the sender. Most email platforms allow for you to customize this text with the part you deem most eye-catching which will help you to boost open rates. Use this to your advantage by picking your favorite line from the email.

5.  Clearly Define CTA’s

It’s always important to tell your readers what you want them to do after viewing your email. This could be making a purchase, following your social media, visiting your store, etc. You’ll want to make sure that your call to action is clearly defined for Nashville email marketing. To achieve this, add buffer space around the text. Since buttons on a smaller deceive are more difficult to navigate this will increase the chances they will click on the link.

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What’s Next for Nashville Email Marketing?

Consider implementing these tips in your next Nashville email marketing campaign to boost email open rates on mobile devices. If this overwhelms you, don’t worry. Digital Resource specializes in assisting businesses with all their digital media needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our email marketing specialists!

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