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A landing page for your company’s pay-per-click ads isn’t just a regular landing page. There is much more control with tailoring the experience it presents to visitors. From ways to use the keyword to how to use the city and much more, there is a lot you can do with your landing pages for better conversion. Read on for tricks from a Nashville Google Ads company that can assist with conversion and grow sales.

5 Tips for Landing Pages That Convert

What does a Nashville Google Ads company say to do for landing pages?

Use Geographic Granularity – Making your landing pages more city-specific will help to differentiate you from your competitors for a better chance of conversion. This applies even if you are advertising nationwide.

Try Keyword Replacement – Simultaneously improve conversion rates and quality scores by dynamically updating the copy on your PPC landing page. Moreover, strategically placing keywords saves time since you can create less landing pages.

Test Visual Cues – Additionally, the visuals on your landing page can make you appear more local and improve conversion rates. With that in mind, test out pictures that match the location of your intended.

Utilize Multi-Step Landing Pages – Adding more fields and steps to your form has been proven to improve conversion rates. Simply pay attention to know which questions to ask and in what order.

Match Your Landing Page to Your Visitor – Search, social, display, and video all bring different types of visitors with different conversion intent. Therefore, switching up your offer or the call-to-action can make a big difference. Create unique landing pages and calls to action for each one.

Which Nashville Google Ads company can help me with higher conversion rates?

Are You in Need of a Nashville Google Ads Company?

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