Nashville Live Chat | How Can I Customize My Live Chat?

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Nashville live chat is the modern-day contact form. It is convenient, instant, and generates leads. But, when you choose to implement a brand-new feature on your website, it is vital that it looks like a cohesive addition. That means your live chat should – and can – be customized to match your website’s theme! Here is a handful of ways you can seamlessly integrate a live chat window with customization:

Color & Style

Your customization can begin with the color and style of your live chat window. You can take the most prominent or secondary color on your site and set it to your window. This will keep your site looking cohesive and visually appealing. Take it a step further and change the actual shape of the window. You can have a more modern look or even minimal. You can choose the one that best fits the tone of your site.

Chat Button

You can opt to use chat buttons throughout your website should you want to draw even more clients to your live chat window. You can choose a button from the presets, or you can upload your very own image!

Automatic Messages

what kind of language do you use on nashville live chat

Oftentimes, people steer clear of using automated messages for the fear of coming off as robotic. But, when it comes to live chat, automatic and canned messages can make your life so much easier! To begin, you can set messages to show up when a customer interacts with your site on different occasions. You can start with setting messages for first-time visitors, return visitors, or those who have been sitting on a page for five seconds.

Then, for your agents manning live chat, you can set canned responses. These are hashtag generated lines that can answer frequently asked questions. For example, “#thanks” will autofill a chat with a line saying thank you. This is customization on the backend, but can still make your live chat more successful.

Company Logo

One of the simplest changes you can make is adding your logo to your chat window. This will give your chatters the reassurance that they are contacting someone associated with your company.

Social Media

Soon, you will be able to integrate your business Facebook messenger with Live Chat. But, for now, you can add social media buttons to direct your chatters to your other platforms. This is a great self-promotion option. So, when you’re generating a potential lead, you can encourage them to stay up-to-date with your company’s goings-on via social media.

Agent Profiles

One of the biggest perks of a live chat service is that there is an actual person on the other end. Set up an agent profile to include a name and photo. Putting a face to a name can make a conversation more personal and encourage potential customers to complete a conversion by establishing trust.

Custom CSS

can i use css in my nashville live chat

So, there’s something you want to change within your live chat window but cannot seem to find it within the preset customizations. You have the ability to take it a step further and write custom CSS code. This is a great option for those looking for a unique layout and with the resources to write code!

Are You Looking to Implement a Nashville Live Chat Service?

Nashville live chat can transform how you do business online. Build relationships with customers and lead them to a conversion by contacting Digital Resource today and learning how live chat can better your business!

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