Nashville Social Media Marketing | What Can I Post on Instagram?

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You may already have a handful of ideas for your Nashville social media marketing. But, how do you keep your Instagram feed interesting and relevant to your brand without coming off like a salesperson?

Each post should have a purpose and relate in some way to your business, but still attract followers. Think about your business and the specific products and services you provide. Now, see if you can find ways to incorporate the following concepts into your unique visual content strategy.

4 Instagram Ideas for Your Nashville Social Media Marketing:

What Instagram posts can I do for Nashville social media marketing?

Use Your Taglines

Think about your business’ core values, or your company’s mission statement. Is there some way to use words to convey these messages in the form of text-driven images? Maybe you have a well-known tagline or catchphrase that people already associate with your brand.  With these phrases in mind, you can create your own text images.

Create a Flat Lay

Aside from selfies, the flat lay is the most popular type of photo on Instagram. It is exactly what it sounds like. Your product is laid out flat and the photo is taken from an aerial point of view.  You can create a flat lay image with any product. Think about your personal brand. Then, try to come up with the best way to represent your product or ideas and experiment with this composition.

Start a Weekly Series

Your business may receive more likes and comments on some Instagram photos than others. Try dedicating some posts to a more popular concept that has appeared on your feed. Create a photo theme and come up with a specific hashtag for your series. Think #throwbackthursday or #motivationmonday.

Series posts will help to reduce the time it takes to plan your Instagram content because the content for a particular day will always be the same theme. Additionally, your followers will be encouraged to participate, as well. This Nashville social media marketing method saves time while encouraging even more audience engagement with your business.

How can I get creative on Instagram with Nashville social media marketing?

Give a Recommendation

Instagram is a social platform first, and a business tool second. That being said, your followers want you to be a real person that is relatable. What better way to do that than with a personal recommendation?

You can share a product review, post an excerpt from a book, or recommend a podcast to listen to. Sharing information like this adds value to your post and allows your audience to discover a little more about your business. Just remember to relate your recommendations back to some aspect of your business, such as a product or service you provide, or a company culture outlook of yours. What you share should always align with your core values and relate back to your brand on some level.

If you still need assistance with creating unique, fun, and brand-specific Instagram posts, contact our online marketing agency! Digital Resource has all of the tools you need to keep your Instagram feed interesting and your followers coming back for more.

Tayler is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied multimedia journalism, English, and psychology. She brings extensive writing knowledge to our team and over ten years of customer service experience. Tayler is ready to provide businesses with quality content that helps to build consumer satisfaction and rapport.

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