Content Marketing | Does My Dental Practice Need a Blog?

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Does your dental practice need a blog? The medical industry may not seem like the ideal candidate for written content at first glance. But, in order for potential clients to find your business, you need to have a strong online presence. That starts with marking your territory online. And, you want that territory to be the very first spot in an online search. This is all part of an element of internet marketing known as content marketing. Keep reading to learn why it is an essential aspect of your strategy:

Search Engine Optimization

Your blogs can make it easier for your practice to rank on search engines like Google. This is essential for potential patients to find your website and choose your business over another. It is important to note that not only will blogs with carefully chosen keywords rank in search engine results but so will your actual website. That is why they say content is king. The more well-curated blogs on your website, the more likely you are to rank on the first page.

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Industry Expertise

Your potential patients want the best. But, how do they know that your practice is superior to others? Your blog. If you are able to articulate information regarding your services, you are not only providing them with valuable content but showing that your practice is knowledgeable. Ultimately, this leads to a level of trust being established between your business and your clientele. That is important for the follow-up – the lead and conversion.

Client Acquisition

Trust is at the root of every doctor-patient relationship. Patients need to know that you are legitimate. They also need to know what you do, how you do it, and if you are an expert. A blog allows for all of this. You are offering great information for them to rely on. And, the potential new patients get a better idea of the tone and vibe of your office. This can start putting them at ease before they even step foot in your office.

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Are You Interested in Bettering Your Content Marketing?

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Emily is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied English and communication. With a background in journalism, she is passionate about writing engaging and informative articles, and has a love for local businesses. Emily strives to assist businesses in building their brand identities and communities through quality, digital content.

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