New Facebook Update | How Will It Affect My Business?

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Back in the day, a new Facebook update was powerful. It represented the evolution of a promising new platform for getting your brand in the hands of potential new customers. Nowadays, businesses and advertisers alike are more likely to cringe away from the latest from Facebook HQ. That includes the recent announcement of prioritizing friends and family over brands and businesses.

While reverting back to Facebook’s original intent – to connect people – may be alright from a user’s point of view, businesses looking to reach said people should know about the impact this algorithm change will have on their metrics.

What Is the New Facebook Update?

should i be worried about the new facebook update

Starting in early 2018, Facebook will use data it accumulates from post reactions, comments, and shares in order to determine how high posts rank on feeds. This may sound like nothing new. But, the main difference is that Facebook will focus on posts from friends and family members. The goal is to bring people together and “spark conversations and meaningful interactions,” as stated in a Facebook blog on January 11.

Businesses now fear that this will be the end of organic reach on Facebook. This is because their pages and posts will automatically have a disadvantage among personal posts.

What Is Reach?

Reach is a very important metric in digital marketing. It’s how many people are coming in contact with your post. They may not be interacting with it (likes, comments, shares), but it is crossing their feed. Organic reach is when Facebook’s algorithm shows people a post naturally rather than when you pay for a promotion. This is significant in the long run simply because the more people who view your content, the more opportunities your business has to generate leads.

How Will This New Facebook Update Impact my Business?

will the new facebook update make me buy ads

There’s a good chance the Facebook update won’t have a huge impact on businesses. We won’t really know until it’s been fully implemented. However, experts expect organic reach to decline exponentially. This will put an emphasis on paid promotions. And, may result in new forms of B2C communication on the social media channel.

Boosts, sponsored posts, and other forms of Facebook ads will become essential for getting your brand the exposure it requires. So, you need to be prepared to allocate time, focus, and funds to optimizing Facebook advertisements.

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