New Instagram Update | How Will It Affect My Business?

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Last week it happened again: there will be a new Instagram update. The new Instagram update consists of an algorithm that will shift the content in your feed “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” The old Instagram feed was chronological. The new Instagram update will cause you to see more images and videos from accounts that you engage with and less from those that you don’t.

The new Instagram update has already created controversy across the digital landscape, mostly from people who don’t want their feeds to change. But how will the new Instagram update affect your business? For most businesses, the answer may be different than you think.

Why is there a new Instagram update?

Before you learn about how the new Instagram update will affect your business and social media strategy, it’s important to understand WHY this is happening.

The main reason Instagram decided to make this update was to reduce the clutter in feeds. Instagram stated in their announcement that people miss about 70% of the content on their feed. That’s a lot of missed content! Additionally, reports have shown that Instagram’s interactions per post actually dropped by about 40% in 2015. As a result, it makes sense to ensure that the time spent on Instagram is on posts that users actually care about and will “like” or comment on.Why did Instagram update?

Instagram is trying to ensure that users have a more pleasant experience, see content they’re likely to engage with, and actively use the platform. When the new Instagram update is put in context, it actually doesn’t seem like the worst idea.

What does the new Instagram update mean for my business?

Despite the logic behind the new Instagram update, many businesses are still concerned about the change. After Facebook similarly changed its newsfeed, organic reach declined. Businesses were forced to use sponsored content to increase their exposure. This hurt small businesses who didn’t have the budget to compete with larger companies. Businesses are scared that Instagram will soon venture down the same path.

History does NOT have to repeat itself. The main thing that results from the new Instagram update is that businesses must focus on producing quality content. If your business is already organically attracting likes and comments, it will continue to receive exposure – possibly even more. Adversely, if your business isn’t getting any response on its posts, the new Instagram update will likely cause you to see a drop in engagement. But don’t worry, no matter what your current status is on Instagram, there are effective ways to ensure that the new Instagram update can work for your business.

How can my business benefit from the new Instagram update?  

Rather than feeling frustrated about the new Instagram update, tweak the way you utilize this social media platform. Instagram’s update emphasizes engagement. This means it’s more necessary than ever to produce quality content and nurture customer relationships. Figure out which images and videos get the most engagement and then tailor your future posts in the same manner. Use calls-to-action that encourage followers to leave a comment or share your posts. Then respond to every comment on your content.

It is also extremely important that your business continues (or begins) to utilize a good hashtag strategy. Even with the new Instagram update, this will get your content and brand found in searches and in front of new people. Just because there’s a new algorithm in the feed, the rest of the Instagram practices will still operate like normal.

Applying these tactics doesn’t only ensure that your business will appear in feeds, but it will also create a relationship that will turn followers into loyal customers.How can I use the new Instagram update to grow my business?

In conclusion…

Don’t give up on Instagram. The new Instagram update does not have to negatively affect your business. Just remember that to get the new Instagram algorithm to benefit your business, all you need to do is improve your social media marketing game. Dull photos, boring captions, lack of a good hashtag strategy, and poor community building will ruin your business. There is a ton of value in having a social media strategy on Instagram, but you need to be aware of the rules and how they can best be used to grow your business.

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