New Instagram Update | Instagram Releases Official Algorithm Details

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We have a new Instagram update upon us. But, instead of something changing yet again, Instagram is putting some big rumors to rest. From the myth of the chronological feed to the treatment of business pages, Instagram has some words for users speculating about the algorithm. Keep reading to learn more:

Is the Chronological Feed Coming Back?

Sadly for many, the chronological Instagram feed is not coming back. The feed will continue to be based on relevance. So, the accounts you engage – like and comment on – the most with will show up first. This means that it can be trickier to get new followers and engagement. Your hashtags will need to do that work for you on the Discover page.

Will the new Instagram update affect me?

Do Shadow Bans Exist?

Just a few months back, creatives were full on freaking out about their content not showing up on the discover pages of certain hashtags. People were convinced that there was something called a “shadow ban”. You could use a “banned” hashtag and your posts would not be shown to other users. This began affecting engagement, dropping metrics. Well, according to Instagram, a “shadow ban” is not and never was a thing. So, we have all learned the lesson of how important selecting the proper hashtags is.

Will a Business Page Place Less than a Personal?

For some time now, people having had their thoughts consumed with the idea that Instagram wants businesses to pay for ads. So, they think the platform is ranking their business posts lower on the feed to encourage them to pay for a higher placement. However, Instagram is denying this as well, saying that all pages are treated equally when it comes to their relevance algorithm.

Is the new Instagram update true?

Want to Learn More About Any New Instagram Update?

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