New Instagram Update | What is Instagram TV?

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The internet has yet to completely take down television, but it continues to come in strong. As Facebook struggles to regain user trust and content creators are starting to steer away from a volatile YouTube environment, a new Instagram update – IGTV – is allowing users to post longform video content. Keep reading to learn more:

What is IGTV?

At a recent event in San Francisco, Instagram revealed IGTV. As a platform with one billion users, Instagram is now offering longform content upload and viewing as a competitor to Facebook Watch and YouTube.

Does the new Instagram update affect my business?

What are the IGTV Features?

The different features of IGTV include:

  • A separate IGTV app in addition to viewing within Instagram
  • Longform video, up to 1 hour in length
  • Vertical video format
  • Different channels (each creator will be viewed as a channel)
  • Discover features, including: “For You,” “Following,” and “Popular”

What are the Benefits of IGTV?

You want to reach your followers in the simplest way. You want to produce content and put it right into your followers’ hands. By putting longform content directly on Instagram via the IGTV integration, you don’t have to guide your followers to other platforms to consume it.

You also have more room to reach new audiences. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is based less on searching for something and more for random entertainment. Users looking just to kill time are more likely to stumble upon your videos, and you then have the opportunity to rope them in with compelling content.

Will the new Instagram update affect my internet marketing strategy?

Should My Business Post to IGTV?

Before jumping onto any new platform or social media trend, you need to take a second and assess your goals and the potential benefits. First of all, IGTV just launched, so people aren’t familiar with it yet. The viewership is exploratory and won’t be reflective of how your numbers may turn out. Also, why would you post longform content on Instagram rather than Facebook or YouTube? Do you have more followers on Instagram than other platforms?

Overall, it’s always smart to sit back for a little while and not invest too much time or money into the latest trend – or at least until you have a better idea of how it can better your brand.

Are You Interested in the New Instagram Update?

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