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The success of your New York City email marketing campaign relies heavily on what content you choose to include. This resource has come a long way in recent years, but with the amount of content being delivered to inboxes every day, it’s important for your business to stand out. Email is a vital component of online marketing. If done properly you can see great success from your efforts. No matter how fancy your emails appear, if they are not delivering well-written, and quality content, you will not reach any audience. It may seem overwhelming to make changes to your email marketing campaign, but a few simple guidelines to follow will keep you on track to converting emails into leads!

How to Write a High Performing Email for new york city email marketing

Subject Lines that Are Short, Sweet and To the Point

The first step to converting emails into leads is to get your audience to open the email. Understandably, a large portion of emails received wind up right in the trash. This is usually due in part to the unengaging content provided in the subject line.  Your email shouldn’t be a mystery. Tell your audience exactly what they are going to find with intriguing subject lines. Consider adding keywords, questions, or numbers to grab the reader’s attention. Above all else, make sure the subject is short enough to be memorable. Otherwise, you are only doing yourself a disservice and will end up in the spam or trash folder.

Write for Your Target Audience

The more you know about your audience, the better chance at success your business has. There are multiple resources your business can use to determine who your target audience is, so use them! You can learn information such as location, age, gender and more from just a little research. Once you are aware who you are writing to, be sure to write for them! The better you can tailor your content and writing style to your audience, the better it will be perceived. This will help turn emails into leads for your business.

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Be Personable and Customize

If you have ever received an email with the greeting ‘Dear Customer’ you understand the pain of being just another number to a business. No one likes to be asked to do something from someone who doesn’t even know their name, and your audience is no different! Include a name when possible, and you will see the difference. Consider the type of email you would like to open and read. Leave out the technical jargon, and be personable. A recent study found personalized promotional emails have 29% higher open rates, and produce leads 6x faster than impersonal emails. Don’t let your business fall by the wayside because of your New York City email marketing.

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While this tip should go without saying, we have all received at least one email with a misspelling or improper grammar. We are all human, and this means we make mistakes. The only bad mistake is one you do not learn from, and therefore you need to take the time to proofread your copy before sending your emails. Typos and inaccuracies in your copywriting can tarnish the image of your business. Your online reputation relies on your diligence in proofreading content, so be sure to always make this a priority.

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Email marketing is resource every business should take the time to do properly. If done incorrectly, you can do major damage to your online presence. Revamping your email marketing campaign is no small feat. However, you will see a boost in sales and overall revenue from your company by making these changes. Do you need assistance in creating a New York City email marketing that converts? Turn to the experts at Digital Resource. Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your emails into leads!

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