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Chances are you’ve seen or used a live chat service before. In this digital age, more and more businesses are beginning to utilize live chat to deliver support and service to their customers. If your business is still not using live chat on tyour website, you are missing out. Check out these four facts about live chat from a New York City Live Chat Company to see the potential of this online tool.

Customers Love Live Chat

There is no doubt that customers love and see the value in chatting with a representative online. The proof is in the numbers. An overwhelming 92% of customers stated that they are satisfied when using this online feature. This is notably more than when using other communication tools such as email or phone calls. Additionally, 44% of those who shop online state that live chat is one of the most important features of a website.

Where can I find the best New York City live chat company?

It’s Used by Businesses in All Industries

In recent years, the use of live chat has increased from 30% to 52%, and it’s continuing to grow. Some companies believe that live chat only brings value to online shopping or e-commerce businesses. However, customer support is necessary in businesses across all industries. Many airline companies, health care providers, insurance and travel companies are starting to use live chat to keep customers satisfied and generate new leads.

Usage is Increasing Globally

Live Chat is gaining traction all around the world. For example, live chat users in Asia average around a 35 second chat session and have a customer satisfaction rate of about 93%. Although chat times vary from country to country, the growing usage of live chat across the world is undeniable.

Live Chat Can Help Increase Sales

At the end of the day, running any business is about making sales and profit. Recent studies show that companies who use live chat experience a 48% increase in revenue per chatting hour. Additionally, the same study shows that the companies experienced a 40% increase in conversion as well.

Where can I find the best New York City live chat company?

Grow Your Business with a New York City Live Chat Company

Considering all the evidence, isn’t it time your business hops on the live chat bandwagon? Contact the experts at Digital Resource, a New York City Live Chat Company, to assist you in setting up and running your live chat. With a great live chat team, your business will experience an increase in customer satisfaction and leads.

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