New York City Maps Optimization Company | 3 Terms to Know

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A brick-and-mortar store hidden deep inside your borough isn’t getting the foot traffic it used to. The world is evolving quickly and is moving to the world wide web. So, your business needs to move too! Lucky for you, Google has found a way to remap your local area online. And, it can bring virtual traffic in addition to foot traffic! A New York city maps optimization company works to get your business found online. But, what is Google looking for? Here are three terms you should be familiar with:

What is Maps Optimization?

Maps optimization is a key element of a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy. Listing your business online alongside its subsequent information can make it possible for new people to find your brick-and-mortar store with the touch of a few buttons. Online maps are today’s version of a traditional paper map stowed away in a glove compartment. With valuable information listed, you can attract new customers, clients, and patients and lead them directly to you.

Why do I need a New York City maps optimization company for SEO?


Just like you would when writing a blog or creating an ad, you need to think of who your customer is. And, you need to consider what they are looking for. Relevance is when a local listing matches, or closely relates to, what an internet user is searching for. So, if you’re a mold remediation company, a potential customer might be searching, “How do I get rid of mold?” or “Is there mold in my home?”


Distance is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can’t really expect someone from out-of-state to be looking for your business. You need to consider how far people are from your location. They may even input a location into their search! For example, if someone is looking for Digital Resource, they may search, “Internet marketing in New York City”.

Does my business need a New York City maps optimization company?


Lastly, you need to be real with yourself and think about how prominent your business is. If your business is written about or posted about a lot, Google will recognize this. So, if your business is more prominent, you may rank higher. That’s why you should always encourage current customers, clients, and patients to write reviews and detail their experiences!

Are You Looking for a New York City Maps Optimization Company?

Getting your business on the map – virtually – requires time and attention! If you’re looking to get your business found online and generate new leads, it’s time to employ a New York City maps optimization company. So, contact us at Digital Resource today to learn more about our services.

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