New York City Maps Optimization | The Beginners Guide to Maps Optimization

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Without Google Maps, most of us would have driven off a cliff by now. However, Google Maps does so much more than keeping me away from steep ledges, it’s also an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Google maps essentially helps consumers find your business. Every time someone googles a business (which happens thousands of times a day), right below the AdWords links will be a map and box with Googles local business results. The goal of Google maps optimization is to get your business into that box, so people who Google your industry find you instead of your competition. Keep reading for more on New York City maps optimization.

How can New York City maps optimization get my business noticed

The First Step in Maps Optimization

Before we get started, you must register your business with Google My Business. It’s a simple, easy, but essential part of Google Maps optimization. All you have to do is fill out your businesses information online, once completed, Google will send a postcard with a verification code to your business address. About a week later the postcard will arrive and you can complete the verification process. Now that your business is public for everyone to see and search, it’s time to get into New York City Maps optimization.

Location Services and New York City Maps Optimization

The first type of google maps optimization is based on your physical location. Most of us have location preferences saved on our computers and mobile devices (whether you know it or not). Google Maps uses your location services to give you the best results when you search for a business. For example, you have a toothache and you need to see the closest dentist ASAP, so you google “Dentists near me”. Google will use your location to find and recommend the best dental practice closest to you. People don’t want to look hard online; if your practice is right in front of their face, in the Google maps box, you are much more likely to obtain business.

How can New York City maps optimization improve may SEO ranking?

Information is Key

However, location isn’t the only thing that determines which businesses get into the magical Google Maps box. If you live in New York City and search for a “Nashville Dentist” the results will be completely different than a local search. This is where the “Marketing” part of Google Maps optimization comes into play. If we jump back to the second paragraph, I briefly touched on the importance of registering your business with Google My Business. The more information you give Google when registering your business, the higher you will rank.

Your competitors can have a higher rating and more reviews than your business, but if they fail to fully complete the Google My Business information they don’t stand a chance against you. Simple steps like making sure the address is correct, including pictures of the business, and completing an introduction are just a few ways to secure a top spot in the Google Maps box.

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