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Your business has the opportunity to attract major attention to your brand with New York City social media marketing if done properly. The social media world is becoming increasingly competitive, and your business needs to be doing everything it can to remain relevant. If you have taken the time to develop a social media marketing strategy, that is a great place to start. But the key to a successful strategy is constantly updating as trends change. The online world is an ever-changing landscape, filled with resources and outlets for your business to use. However, in order to be successful with your strategy, you must stay on top of the change in trends. Digital Resource is constantly on top of industry and trend changes. Here is a list of trends your business needs to be aware to stand out!

Top 4 New York City Social Media Marketing Trends

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, it needs to be.

You, your coworker, your neighbor, and just about everyone has a mobile device. This trend isn’t changing anytime soon. So, if your business hasn’t taken the time to optimize for mobile searches and browsing you are doing yourself a major disservice. Your business wants to be the go-to resource for information and services. If your audience cannot find you or your website on the most common method of searching, they will find your competition.

Your content needs to stand out. Consider video.

Creating compelling, interesting and relevant content for your social media is a difficult task as the online world becomes denser. If your business is aiming to stand out with interesting and new content, consider video! New York City social media marketing platforms allow for a variety of video content, so mix it up! Think about video blogging and text videos as a way to deliver information to your audience in a new and interesting way.

What do I Need to Know about New York city Social Media marketing Trends

Live chat is a service you need to consider using.

Your website can leverage the power of a live chat service to engage with customers in a helpful, and efficient way. 49% of marketers and digital businesses said they are currently using, testing or planning to use a live chat service. So, if your business isn’t considering this technology, you are quickly going to fall behind.

What do I Need to Know about New York City Social Media MarketingTrends

Make sure you’re on the correct social media platforms.

There is a multitude of social media platforms available for your business to be on, but choose wisely. Each platform you use needs to receive quality content and engagement from your business, and this takes time and energy. Although some platforms may have similar features, don’t eliminate one because of this. Each platform has different reach abilities and different audiences, so it is important for you to test which works best for your business and industry.

Within the coming years, we will see New York City social media marketing continue to quickly evolve. Staying on top of trends and changes is the only way to continue to be competitive online today. It serves as an essential tool for businesses to reach and engage with their audiences, and will dramatically improve your online image. Digital Resource is always on top of social media trends and can assist you in creating and maintaining your social media platforms. Contact us today for your free social media analysis, and learn what we can to improve your online presence!

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