Nurture Your Mobile Customers Using Micro-Moments!

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  • Today’s consumers spend more than 5 hours per day on their smartphones.
  • 57% of the online traffic in the United States is coming from smartphones and tablets.
  • On average, people check their phones 150 times per day and spend at least 1 minute and 10 seconds in each mobile session. 

Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, mobile has changed the game. Nowadays, people don’t just set out to purchase in a brick-and-mortar store without information. Whenever people feel the need to get more ideas, they use their smartphones to search for something that inspires them. Sometimes even when they’re still in the middle of performing a task! 

These connected gadgets do so much for everyone. They give users directions, facilitate interpersonal connections, deliver the latest news, wake them up in the morning, and more. The consistent sense of connectedness has changed the way people operate in the world. No matter how we look at it, today’s consumers are evolving from being “mobile-first’ to being “mobile-only”. Now that traditional customer journeys have dramatically changed, the stage is set for a marketing innovation that will ultimately shift customer engagement from selling to telling – micro-moments!

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What is a Micro-Moment?

Google’s marketing content team defines micro-moments as “critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends”. These touchpoints or micro-moments can be classified as one of the following:

I Want to KNOW Moments 

In this type of micro-moment, the consumer isn’t necessarily interested in buying something. He’s just merely addressing a query that may have been triggered by a thought, a conversation, or something in between. However, this could also be the research phase of his buying journey.

I Want to GO Moments

The consumer may be searching for a local business such as a gas station, a grocery store or an office. Those who have queries that fall under this category are usually referred to as “near me” searches. This is because they are often followed by the phrase, “near me”. 

I Want to BUY Moments

Individuals who are in this type of micro-moment exhibit a clear intention of making a particular purchase. However, they’re open to suggestions in terms of the brand, type of purchase and other details that are less important. Purchases that take place in micro-moments are generally more spontaneous and low-risk. To illustrate, people may have their “I want to buy” moments when they run out of a household supply or remember a book that they need to read.  

I Want to DO Moments

Occurring in the form of a “how-to”, these micro-moments usually come from consumers who are looking for instructions, demonstrations, and guidance to complete a certain task – which could be anything from filing paperwork at the DMV to fixing a leaking pipe.

You’ll save more time if you use your smartphone app to place an order before you actually get to the store. Similarly, there’s no need for you to spend the better part of your day reading through a voluminous manual if you could just search for a quick video tutorial on YouTube. 

These micro-moments are short bursts of activities that primarily take place on mobile devices. Every time consumers use their smartphones or tablets, they’re being influenced by three governing emotions – intent, urgency, and engagement. This massive shift of consumer behavior compels businesses to be there in the moments when their target customers pick up their phones when they’re about to make buying decisions.

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Recalibrate Your Mobile Strategies Today!

Business-owners need to know how to seize these their customers’ micro-moments. Learning how to use these 3 strategies can help you promote your business and reach your potential customers.

Be Visible!

According to research, 90% of today’s consumers are looking for a specific product and not a particular brand. Since your target audience is not brand loyal, your business has to appear front and center when they search for the products or services that you may also happen to offer. Being there matters because it increases your brand’s chances of being chosen. 

One of the main reasons why consumers purchase from brands that are different from the one they originally intended to is because the other business provided them with the information that they need at the moment they needed it. Offering the right information at the right time gives you a real fighting chance at attracting the customers of your biggest competitors. 

Be Useful!

Being visible to your customers is not enough to make the cut. Being consistent at providing them with relevant digital experience and useful information is an essential factor when your target consumers are shortlisting brands to buy from. Without the regularity of this usefulness, your audience won’t bother to return to your site or purchase from your brand in the future. Constantly coming up with valuable content that connects them to the answers they’re looking for will keep them from jumping to another brand. 

Furthermore, it pays to give them useful information that can be used in a snackable format during their research phase. When they’re in their consideration phase, be sure to show your presence at some physical store that’s near them. During their trial phase, it’s best to come up with the right and comprehensive how-to content that you can present to them. Finally, when it’s time to convert leads into actual purchases, be sure to help them with ideas that will enable them to make informed and confident purchase decisions.

Be Quick!

It’s great to be there when your customers need something. It’s even better if you have the information they need. However, you can never go wrong if you hit the right spot while the iron is red hot. Whether you like it or not, this is the golden age of immediate gratification. Your prospective customers are making their buying decisions faster than ever. Today’s consumers know what they want and they want it NOW. Otherwise, they’ll switch to other sources.

If you want to be quick at every single micro-moment, you’ll need to get rid of unnecessary steps by using one-click functionality, keeping your form fields minimal, swapping type fields to dropdowns, using progressive profiling, using a browser to autofill settings, and providing multiple payment options. Next, be sure to that you’ve anticipated your customers’ needs by keeping your primary call-to-action (CTA) in a hard-to-miss spot, hiding functions that are not used much under menus, using mobile device’s GPS functionality to locate the consumer, and recommend products or services that are based on his past choices. Lastly, you must increase your loading speed like lightning.

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Earn Your Customers’ Attention and Trust Today with Micro-Moments!

If you’re serious about capturing the attention of your target audience while nurturing the needs of your mobile customers, contact Digital Resource now! We offer digital marketing solutions that will help you reach your goals.

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