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Many internet marketing guides (including our own) talk about the importance of SEO. They also help you with what strategies to implement and where. But rarely do such guides focus on what not to do. In looking to break that mold, I’m going to focus on just that. Why? Because it’s good to know the right things to do to improve a situation however it can be just as important to know what pitfalls to avoid so we don’t get taken off our path.  So it’s time to answer the question “What Not To Do Online In 2017?”

Don't feel overwhelmed by internet marketing guides

Don’t Stop Implementing And Improving Your Internet Marketing Guide

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, best practice is to keep updating what you’ve already implemented. The rules of SEO and digital marketing are always evolving and thus your strategies must evolve with them. More important, your implementation must be swift, every day you don’t update your strategies is another day your competitors have to get the better of your business. So create internet marketing guides tailored to your business, but make sure to constantly update it as it can become outdated very quickly.

Don’t Stop Creating Content

Creating consistent, high quality content for your website is still a great way to show search engines that your website is still relevant. New content signals Googles’ spiders that they need to check your site to stay up to date. It also helps your overall SEO rankings.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

Mobile device use keeps growing and thus so does search via these devices. Expect in 2017 to see an even bigger focus on mobile device users, both from Google and from digital marketing agencies. In October 2016 we saw mobile search outpace desktop searches for the first time, ever. In 2017 look for this to become the norm. If your website is not optimized for mobile users, you will be losing opportunities to grow your business left and right.

Don’t Forget About Visuals

Mobile use is all about how things look. Even more than that, images and videos are becoming more and more important in the SEO landscape of 2017. Why? You rarely read, and share, long form content on mobile devices. You will however share an interesting image or video. Google is taking notice of this trend in the digital landscape and expect them to act accordingly. If a site has high quality content that is being shared, Google will see that website as a high quality content provider. If that content happens to be videos and images will make no difference to Google in the future. Remember, they are in the search business, helping people find valuable content online, no matter the format. If your business is creating that content, then your business will be important to Google and its’ ever evolving search algorithm.

Internet Marketing guides talk about everything except teamwork

Don’t Work Alone On Your Internet Marketing Guides

While you can most definitely take steps to improve your digital marketing practices and SEO ranking on your own. The the truth is you shouldn’t. To properly implement the strategies mentioned you need to be on top of your website and social media everyday. Not only that, but you need to be aware of the updates Google and other search engines make to their algorithms. Then you need to make the necessary changes in your digital marketing strategy (including website, social media and SEO) to take advantage of these changes.

If you’d like to focus more on running your business instead of going over internet marketing guides and would like to have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals handle your digital marketing efforts, then contact us. We are Digital Resource, an internet marketing company that is an expert in creating and implementing SEO strategies. If you want to know how your company is doing, our team is ready to review your website, your search rankings, and social media presence. Just request a free Internet Marketing Analysis from us today!

Orlando has a Bachelors in Business Administration because he truly loves business. Helping businesses succeed in the digital age is one of his passions. The most important thing he believes in is teamwork. Success comes from helping and learning from teammates.

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