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Instagram is one of the most dominant social media platforms in the digital sphere today. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential tips to get you started on the path to Instagram success. Let’s take a look at everything an online marketing agency has to offer you!

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Benefits of Instagram Tips:

1. Business Profile

For starters, always switch to a business profile to enhance your Instagram presence. In doing so, it’s like you are adding an official stamp of authority and credibility for your company. Once you switch to a business profile, you will be able to find that users can contact you immediately and reach out to you similar to a website.


2. Instagram Stories

Moreover, use Instagram stories to provide updates or showing off ongoing events. This is a very interactive way to appeal to your target audience. Instagram stories are a new feature that allows you to save photos and videos and deletes them after 24 hours.

However, we recommend highlighting important stories you’ve posted that will; stay on your page. These won’t delete and offers users a chance to get a feel for everything your company has been up to.


3. Sponsored Ads

Furthermore, it is crucial that you are using sponsored ads to deliver your message. Use ads to reach a wider audience as well as informing them about your products and services. The ad copy should be brief, concise and start and end with a call-to-action.

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Do You Need an Online Marketing Agency?

Last but not least, we are your leaders for creating effective digital marketing campaigns. Instagram is an efficient way of reaching your customers and attracting new ones. Contact us today to learn more about our instant SEO scan!

Tapkannia is a graduate of Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She enjoys being a part of a team working on media and digital marketing strategies. She finds solace in the written word and producing quality content.

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