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Picture this: Whilst making preparations for your New Year’s celebrations, you sit down and think about what the important parts of your life are. Your loved ones, of course, your health, your business… So when you start coming up with resolutions, the classic promises work for the first two parts, but what should you resolve to do on the business side of your life? What goals should you be setting to help grow your business, in particular, online?

We’ve already discussed the digital marketing trends in previous posts, but here we’re going to give you some ideas on what your business should be focusing on achieving, if it hasn’t done so already in preparation for 2016!

1: Commit to Content

It’s been said again and again, because it is so critical, content is king. Why is content important? Why should my business adopt this goal? When consumers are searching what they hope to find on the other end of their results list is interesting and informative material. That is becoming more and more true as the years come and go. Long ago were the days where a consumer would just put up with a spammy website because there was nothing else available. They want to be entertained, they want to be taught, they are searching for material, not a sales pitch. Create great content for your consumers, they love it! What kind of content should your business be creating?

Video marketing is important for content creation

Well, Youtube dominated the web in 2015, as the second largest search engine, just behind Google. 78% of consumers watch videos online every week and 55% of consumers watch videos every day. Video marketing as a form of content is huge and should be on your goal list to invest time in. It is estimated that by 2017, 69% of consumer internet traffic will be video! It’s pretty clear that this is a way consumers prefer to be communicated with, and so take advantage of the information and make a business video in 2016!

2: Invest in Good SEO

If you hear the words, “SEO is dead” know that that is your competition talking, trying to dominate his presence by making you believe you shouldn’t be investing in a critical tool in internet marketing. SEO is most certainly not dead. It is in a constant state of change, as search engines gauge what their consumers want to find, they modify their algorithms and search criterion to better serve their user.

In 2015, search engines shifted towards algorithms that favor genuinely useful content that their consumer would want to find. With the different tools at their disposal, they are able to filter out content that is just trying to play the system and deliver content that people actually want to see. It is predicted that search engines will only become more and more advanced with their filtering, so in 2016 you will definitely want to invest in a good SEO strategy. One that takes into account the changing filters and is proactive and efficient in creating content that fits those standards.

3: Improve You Website

How can you improve your website? What kind of website design do you need? To begin, a responsive website in 2016 is a must. A responsive website is one that adjusts for any screen that your consumer may be accessing on. The elements of the page shift when the site senses it is being viewed from a different sized screen, in example that of a smart phone versus a laptop screen. Sites of the past are designed for a computer screen and then have a separate URL for a mobile friendly site. Why this way is inferior to responsive, is because responsive is all on one URL. Presently, consumers are all about sharing content that they find, so when they access a mobile friendly website on a smartphone, share the link on social media, now someone that may be on a desktop will see a distorted website because they’re on the mobile URL.

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Businesses have about 10 seconds to leave an impression on a consumer before they give up on your website and go to the next. If it is distorted, they will move on to your competitor’s page. Not to mention that a high bounce rate will hurt your SEO as well. 40% of consumers will go to a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly. Getting a responsive site is an absolute must goal! Improving your website speed is also an important factor to take into consideration. 40% of people will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Consumers want great content, on any screen and quickly. If you want to be the business that gets in front of them and impresses them, make your website a priority in 2016.

Revenue growth most likely tops the goal list for any business owner. If you’re a new business or a company that’s been around and wants to keep improving, everyone needs internet marketing for growth. These goals were just the tip of the internet iceberg when it comes to the tools available to take your business to new levels. Social media marketing, shareable content, great website, internet ads, the list can continue for awhile. When it comes to helping businesses grow, Digital Resource loves to make it happen! Our West Palm Beach internet marketing agency can help your business soar in 2016! Make it a great year and call us at 561-429-2585 or visit us online today!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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