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Managing the online presence of a new restaurant can be challenging for those who have no formal training on how to optimize and advertise your brand. Getting the word out around town can be even harder, but there are a few easy ways to help make your campaigns more effective.

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Location Data

Get your ads where they need to go.

Using metadata and maps information to your advantage can produce great results in terms of targeting your online ads. Localizing your ads so that they appear in areas close to your establishment will result in much more attention than a state or citywide campaign, for example. Ad campaigns should start locally and move outward for a more effective strategy for reaching a new customer base.


Local Keywords

Localization can help get the word out.

Keeping a rotating list of keywords that have boon localized to your area will help social media and search sites categorize your ads and place them where they will be more effective. Keeping your ads localized will also help separate you from competition and establish trust in your brand. Rotating keywords will help diversify your reach and branch out to more platforms.


Social Media Optimization

Presence on social media is key.

Advertising over social media can be challenging to get right but taking the time to do simple keyword optimization in your ads can go a long way in increased exposure. Keywords and paid ads provide valuable metrics that can point to the successes and failures of your different ad campaigns. You can then use that data to fill in the gaps and make a more successful campaign than the last.

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