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Keep your company’s online presence afloat with the help of an online marketing company. They have the best tools to assist you with your brand awareness struggles. One of the main contributors to online success deals with image marketing. Did you know 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results? Using imagery in your content will drive engagement and enhance your reach. To learn 5 ways to use image marketing, continue reading!

How an online marketing company can utilize image marketing

1. Sharing is Caring

It’s not nice keeping things to yourself; share your experiences with the world! Your followers are already interested in your company, so show them what they want to see. The closer they feel to you, the more they can relate to you, and then more they trust you. Do you have a current promotion running? Post it across all of your social media pages. Did you have a fun fact you thought your staff would enjoy? Well, your followers may enjoy it too. Give an insider’s perspective on what it’s like behind the scenes when you’re doing what you do. Ultimately, you’ll wind up creating a strong connection with potential clients.

2. Be One with Your Followers

Using image marketing to grow your business is proven highly successful. Seeing that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, you really can’t go wrong. The images that get the most engagement on social media are the, what we call, personal posts. These posts contain images of personal events that happen within your company. Let’s say a staff member has a birthday party at work– post about it! Have a new team member on board? Announce your excitement to the world, while also creating a fun a friendly working environment. The goal is to be personable to catch the eyes and trust of potential clients.

3. Play Tag

There are several ways to reach a wider audience, with one of them being tagging. Whenever you create a post, with or without a picture, you have the ability to tag. This can be a person, company, or phrase. When you tag a person or company, their followers can then see your post, thus strengthening your reach. This can drive more traffic to your page and open the door to more engagement. The other way of tagging is through hashtags. The old-timers call the hashtag symbol a pound sign, but boy does it carry an entirely new meaning nowadays! Hashtags are used to enhance your post by linking to all other posts using the same hashtag.

For example:

We are so excited to be attending the #NationalDentalConvention this weekend! Come and check out our booth! #Dental #NDC

4. Image Marketing in Blogs

Writing blogs is already an excellent way to further your reach, but incorporation image marketing into your blog will be the cherry on top! Be sure to add 2-3 images in each blog, not just to give a visual aid, but to break up the text too! Also, choose images that are high quality and directly relate to your topic.

Image marketing for my company

5. Hire an Online Marketing Company

Maybe you don’t have time for posting and remember to use tags, or adding photos into your blogs… no worries! Digital Resource is an online marketing company who specializes in SEO, Social Media, and Image Marketing. Contact us so we can start growing your online presence today!

Jackie attended Florida Atlantic University where she received a degree in graphic design. It was there that she discovered her passion for creating. While working towards her BFA in Graphic Design, she was also a baton twirler for FAU's Marching Owls. In her spare time she enjoys doing makeup for clients, which allows her to utilize her creative talents off-screen. She is very team-oriented and is excited to be a part of the Digital Resource team!

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